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Women of Note: Natalie Fideler

Natalie Fideler came onto the stage at A Celebration of Women and Their Music with a grin on her face and her guitar proudly in hand. While hooking up her guitar to the amp, she cracked jokes with the audience and introduced herself naturally, contrary to her exclamation that these types of setting-up moments are always awkward.

Fideler is a composer and a songwriter in her senior year at Concordia College where she’s pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition and also studying percussions and piano. Songwriting has always been part of her life; she even noted that she’s been writing songs since before she was old enough to go to school. “It’s been a long journey for me as a music writer. It’s something that feels very cathartic to me; it’s just so ingrained in my personality and my essence as a person,” she said.

At A Celebration of Women and Their Music, she opened her set with her original song, “My Type.” The crowd laughed along with her as she sang phrases like, “You’re the type of movie I wouldn’t see at the theaters, but I’d bootleg you on SolarMovie and watch you in my underwear from the comforts of my home.” While her clever lyrics caught everyone’s attention, they didn’t distract from her powerful vocals.

Fideler coins her genre as alternative pop, adding, “One of the things I take a lot of pride in my music is the way that listeners of all different lifestyles – people who like all types of different music – can usually find at least one thing about my music that draws them to it.” A testament to this, the crowd at the show laughed along with her as she sang lyrics about experiences – good and bad – that they could relate to.

Women Of Note Natalie Fideler
Photo by Kaytlin Dargen

“As far as my lyrical content with my music, I really try to write music that acts as an outlet for writing commentary on my own experiences or expressing my own things that I’m dealing with, but in a way that’s honest and speaks with candor, so that listeners can also emote with me and find something relatable about the music they are listening to,” Fideler said.

In her second song of the set, “Kirkland Signature Light Suffering“, she sang, “I think you’re beautiful in every single way except the part where everyone knows you’re a narcissist. And I can tell just from the way you’re looking at me, I don’t like you as much as you like you.” The audience laughed more as they listened carefully to catch each clever comment. Woven into her wit, the power of her vocals were what really struck a chord with listeners.

In October, Fideler released her debut album Steak & Eggs. In this album, she wrote, sang and played on every track, something she is rightfully proud of. “I think this album is a testament to how much I’ve grown as a musician over the past 22 years that I’ve been alive on this planet,” said Fideler. “I started out as a person learning how to play instruments and singing for fun when I was a kid. And now, after all these years, I have all the tools to not only write music by myself, but then also then play them and be able to make my desired sound just based on my talents exclusively.”

To hear more wit and powerful vocals, you can find Fideler’s music on most streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and Apple Music, along with on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. 

Written by Alexandra Martin

Alexandra Martin is the editor of Fargo Monthly. She hails from Huntsville, Alabama, but graduated from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri with a degree in Fashion Communications. When she's not in the office, she is busy taking care of her small zoo of pets, cooking up vegetables, or listening to true-crime podcasts.


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