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Review Wine of the Month by Cellar 624

Review by Ashley Serbus of Cellar 624


Bear Creek Winery, Barrel Aged, 2021

The inspiration for Bear Creek’s Sheyenne comes from buttery California Chardonnays. “We are attempting to create a similar style utilizing local grape varieties,” they said. “It takes a warm and long season to be able to achieve this style. The 2021 vintage was exactly that!”

50% Prairie Star grapes
50% Louise Swenson grapes
0% Sugar (Dry)
12.8% ALC

  • Aromas of Vanilla, Pear, and Butter
  • Medium Body
  • Smooth finish, Oaked six months in Hungarian Barrels
  • Bear Creek Winery 8800 25th St S Fargo, ND 58104

"This reminds me of popcorn-flavored jellybeans, which I loved growing up!"

My initial thought was, “this reminds me of popcornflavored Jellybeans” (which I loved growing up). The first characteristics that stood out were the tropical fruit aromas along with the vanilla and oak. I also noticed some subtle earthy notes and honeysuckle.

The Sheyenne is a dry, medium plus bodied wine with nice acidity. A multidimensional wine with light tropical fruit and pear notes upfront, followed by a round mouthfeel of oak, vanilla, and balanced acidity.

I recommend enjoying this wine with food! A cheddar or gruyere will pair nicely on your charcuterie board. Try it with cream-based sauces or foods that are higher in fat content like some pulled pork or chicken with mac and cheese, stuffed mushrooms—or the one that makes my mouth really water—lobster fettuccine from Maxwells! A perfect local, dry white for your dinner table.

Cellar 624
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Bear Creek Winery
Address | 8800 25th St S, Fargo
Website |
Facebook | /bearcreeknd
Instagram | @bearcreeknd

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