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Wild Terra Cider And Brewing Makes Ciders Popular

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We traveled all over Fargo-Moorhead and profiled your favorite local breweries, meaderies and distilleries. Whether you prefer a nice cocktail, a craft beer or even a sweet mead, we have them all here! Come along with us on the tour of some of the great establishment in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

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It has not been around long, but in the short time Wild Terra Cider and Brewing has been in existence, it has been a hot spot in the area. Now, the establishment has begun making their own homemade cider. They may not be the ciders you are expecting, but they will be just as flavorful, according to owner Ethan Hennings.

“We are going to be making a lot of dry ciders,” he said. “There are not a whole lot of dryer styles in North Dakota. It may not be what people expect when they think of ciders.”


In terms of how many ciders they are making at one time, Hennings says it may fluctuate. “We are still kind of tweaking things and experimenting. Hopefully, we have four to six on tap at a time, but we will be rotating styles and flavors frequently.”

Their goal is to try different styles of ciders and decide which ones work out best with the customer. It is those ciders that may end up being the flagship beverages. However, there will be an ever-rotating cast of ciders on tap, as well.

Wild Terra wants to use local apples as much as possible too. “We have a distribution facility from Michigan that we will use all year round,” Hennings said.

“However, when it comes to harvest and fall time, we are going to do our best to use only North Dakota apples and some Minnesota too. The focus will be to find every North Dakota apple and make a true North Dakota cider.”

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The goal for Hennings is to make as local of a product as possible. “I want to find some of the lesser-known, but still homegrown North Dakota berries,” he said. “We have a cider on tap now using the Aronia berry, which is a North Dakota berry, but it has tons of antioxidants and a great flavor. We also have some wild plums too. Just things like that to make it more of a local product.”

For the future, Wild Terra has some other exciting ventures besides cider. They plan to start making kombucha at some point this year. They plan to bottle and distribute that product while also having a few styles on tap. There are more exciting things in the works for Wild Terra, which include bringing a slice of Spanish cider pouring to the taproom.

Though it has not been around terribly long, Wild Terra Cider and Brewing has new and exciting initiatives that will continue to make them a hot spot in the Fargo nightlife scene.


Making Cider 101 With Ethan Hennings

Step 1: Start with a fruit choice. That will become the fermentable sugar in the drink.

Step 2: Add either wine yeast or ale yeast (Hennings uses both). At Wild Terra, the primary yeast used is champagne yeast.

Step 3: Like wine or beer, cider must ferment to create the alcohol. To make a dryer cider, Hennings lets all of the sugar turn into alcohol. However, if he wants a sweeter cider, he does not let that happen, leaving some of the sugar in the beverage.

Step 4: Depending on the style of cider, fermentation can take from two weeks to a full month.

Step 5: Cider is then racked for a month or more in a sterile container before it can be bottled or put on tap at Wild Terra.

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Wild Terra To-Dos

  • Utilize their shuffleboard table! They may have leagues starting soon.
  • Try their homemade dry ciders which are not as sweet as commercial ciders, but even more delicious.
  • Wild Terra has a wide variety of small bites if you’re feeling hungry. Perhaps a mushroom and gorgonzola flatbread?


6 12th St. N, Fargo
Monday-Thursday | 2 – 10 p.m.
Friday | 2 – 11 p.m.
Saturday | 12 – 11 p.m.
Sunday | 12 – 8 p.m.

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Written by Nolan P. Schmidt

Nolan is the Editor of Fargo Monthly. Schmidt is also the Editor of Spotlight Media's Bison Illustrated and Future Farmer publications. He is originally from Bismarck, N.D. and is a proud graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead.

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