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What You Challenge Us To Do This Year

Headshots by Hillary Ehlen

There’s so much to do in the FM community that it can be challenging to set your new year’s resolutions. Well, to help you out, we hit the streets, and the coffee shops, to ask you what your Fargo-Moorhead new year’s resolutions are. Here’s what you had to say.

Sarah Strong

Keeper of the Beans at Twenty Below Coffee
From Glyndon, Minn.

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
“My resolution is to spend more time at the Fargo Library and read or write letters more often.”

Gretchen Ehlen

Owner of Cold Fusion
From Fargo

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
“I would love to do something with TEDx. I’m going to get more involved with TEDxFargo.”

This year’s TEDx is July 26. (Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography)

Grant Johnson

Gate City Bank
From Bemidji, Minn.

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
Volunteer more and be more a part of the community. I’ve been really slacking since leaving college. I used to be really involved in the marksmanship community.”

At, you can view a list of many different ways you can get involved in the community.

Danae Moran

Social media guru at 20 Below Coffee
From Barnesville, Minn.

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
“In 2018, I want to explore more of Fargo’s parks and see what’s out there. We go to the ones that are close to our house but there are probably a lot of hidden unique spots that I don’t know about.”

Don’t cha know? There are more than 100 parks in just Fargo alone.

Nicole Mendoza

Wedding Photographer
From Fargo. “I’m a ’96 blizzard baby. I survived the blizzard of 1996.”

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
“I’m moving to Rome, but with the time I have left in Fargo, what I want to do is go ice skating downtown because that’s one of my absolute favorite things to do, especially in Fargo when the lights are nice, they’re on, the sky is dark and there’s that perfect family moment where you’re all ice skating around in a circle.”

Ben Nash

Social Security Administration
From Colfax, N.D.

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
“To seek wonder and I would like to read 25 books next year. I got 19 books this year so I have a long way to go.”

Don’t cha know? The Fargo Library has a collection of more than 165,000 books, 10,000 DVDs and three different locations.

Julie Robbins

Owner of Fowler’s
Heritage Company From Fargo

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
“To get out in the community, shop downtown and have my face out there more in the stores and say, ‘Hey, I’m Julie’ and try and be more community involved.”

Don’t cha know? There’s a viral campaign called #doitalldowntown to promote the fact that you can get anything you need in the course of a day in downtown.


Fargo New Year’s resolution…
“I want to be an active mom. I want to take her to Frostival. There are swimming lessons that we hope to go to at the Y. There’s a lot of wonderful stuff going on in the summer like the art fairs.”

Don’t cha know? The YMCA offers swim lessons for children as young as 6-months old.

Mike Balter

Social Security Administration
From Milwaukee

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
“Do some ice skating outside at the Downtown rink. I’ve never done it.”

Photo by Paul Flessland

Like to stay up to date on all the action at the Downtown ice rink.

Riley Mack

Barista at Twenty
Below Coffee From Duluth, Minn.

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
Have a few global experiences and see what’s out there. I haven’t really been outside of the midwest so I’m looking to broaden my horizons. But, I’ll always come back to Fargo. However, any of the new cultural experiences I can experience here in my hometown, I definitely take advantage of that. Fargo has a lot to offer and it’s definitely growing in its cultural expansion.”

Chicken shawarma, basmati rice and sweet and spicy chicken from Madina Cuisine. (Photo by Andrew Jason)

Don’t cha know? The FM area has more than 50 different ethnic restaurants. If you go to, you’ll find an almost extensive list of restaurants in town that you can sort by cuisine types.

Mike Moran

Owner of Twenty Below Coffee
From the Twin Cities

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
“I’ve been thinking more about rubbing elbows with people on more of a regular basis. Sitting down next to people, either in the bar or other places around town and being more intentional with people.”

Jessica Howard

20 Below Coffee
From Moorhead

Fargo New Year’s resolution…
Go kayaking down by the Hjemkomst Center in the summer. I love kayaking.”

Don’t cha know? You can rent canoes and kayaks down by the Hjemkomst Center to take out on the Red River. Go to to learn more.

*This article originally appeared in Fargo By Fargo.

Written by Andrew Jason

Andrew Jason is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media. He oversees the production and the wonderful team behind Fargo Monthly, Fargo INC!, Bison Illustrated and Design and Living magazines. In his free time, he enjoys running marathons and pretending he's a much better piano player than he actually is.

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