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The Video

Make a Highlight Video

Highlight videos are becoming more and more popular. According to Johnson, about 9 out of 10 clients went with the highlight video. Rather than filming the whole ceremony, this video will break up the whole day into a 5-minute video.

Get to Know Your Videographer

Your videographer is going to capture the most important day of your life; it’s important to get to know them and develop a rapport. “We really believe that to tell that story the best way that we can, we need to spend some time with you,” Johnson said. That’s why they like to meet the couple several weeks before the wedding and spend most of the wedding day with the bride and groom.

Different Packages

Grassfire Studios offers several different packages. These packages range from their basic package to up to 12 hours of coverage, which includes them coming to the groom’s dinner. The larger packages usually involve more cinematographers and longer videos. You must decide what you want your wedding video to be.

Come with Ideas

Johnson and Kavlie love couples that approach them with ideas. That can range from an idea for a specific shot, a certain location or even somebody that will be fun to follow around. “We love couples that come to us and go, ‘This uncle that I have, spend some time capturing him because he’s going to be so much fun at the reception,’” Johnson said.

How Do You Share Your Video?

Be sure to ask yourself how you will be sharing your video with your friends and family. Facebook is the new favorite medium. Although they’re happy to make them, Grassfire Studios doesn’t make DVDs that often anymore. Couples are usually just given the digital file of the wedding video.

Communication is Key

Johnson and Kavlie say that the day of the wedding should be fun and as stress free for the couple as possible. One way to ensure this is to have plenty of communication before the wedding day. “Whoever is going to be shooting the wedding, sits down with (the couple) and asks them a thousand different questions.” Those questions are designed to make the couple think about some details they might not have.

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