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Twisted Spork Features Pizza, Burgers And More

Hop in Eric Watson’s food truck and travel with him on his seven-day food truck diet. Today we visited Twisted Spork.

Twisted Spork food truck

Photos by Hillary Ehlen

We here at Fargo Monthly like to think of ourselves as “foodies.” In the general sense of the word, we kind of are, considering we love Fargo food. However, we are missing an element that makes us true foodies. We lack the culinary sensibility to decipher if a coleslaw is made with fennel or cabbage. Nor can we obsess over the complexities of caramelized onions, our palates just cannot handle the workload.

Luckily, our good friend Eric Watson, Executive Chef and owner of Rustica Eatery and Mosaic Foods has those qualities. He can discern the ever-changing, always evolving world of food. So, we took him out into the Fargo dining scene, but a very specific scene. For seven days, we ate at seven different food trucks of varying culinary styles. From pizza to tacos to deli sandwiches, we had Eric try it all. Without further ado, hop in Eric’s food truck and travel with him on his food truck diet.

Day #7: Twisted Spork

Pizza from Twisted Spork

Their Story

Tony and Chad Pfau stumbled into the food truck world. After Tony retired from the military and Chad moved on from owning a convenience store they were looking for something to do. “He kind of roped me into it,” Tony said, smirking at Chad. “We had owned a convenience store previously, but we still had all the equipment to cook food,” Chad said. “You can’t really make the money back that you spent by selling all the ovens and stuff, so we thought we would just throw them in the truck and do this.”

So, The Twisted Spork opened up shop last August. While they are primarily focused on catering and festivals, the Pfau brothers love to pop-up places too. “With catering, people know what they’re getting from us,” Tony said. “They have a specific menu in mind and we provide it, fairly simple. Having the food truck here at Chub’s is fun because we are not making the same dish over and over again. Everyone likes something different.”

While The Twisted Spork cooks up several different types of dishes like burgers, steak tips and chicken wings, their hallmark is pizza. “The dough is hand-rolled and everything is fresh, nothing is frozen on the pizza.” Their pizzas also feature a gluten-free crust so everyone can try a slice.

Eric Watson eating at Twisted Spork

Eric’s Take

“I love big, doughy crusts on pizza. Sometimes it’s the best part and that is what this pizza has. So many times you get these floppy, soggy crusts, but this one is perfect. It’s also a really good pizza to fold in half and eat, like you would in Chicago. Supreme pizza is such a go-to for me because the peppers and onions bring out the natural flavors in the pepperoni and sausage.”

Twisted Spork

Chubs Pub and Packaging Place, 421 N University Dr, Fargo

Wednesday & Thursday: 4 – 8 p.m.


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Nolan Schmidt

Written by Nolan Schmidt

Nolan is the Co-Editor of Fargo Monthly. Schmidt is also the Editor of Spotlight Media's Bison Illustrated publication. He is originally from Bismarck, N.D. and is a proud graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead.

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