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Fargo Monthly’s Top 20 Stories Of 2017

Photos special to Fargo Monthly

It’s been an exciting 2017, Fargo Monthly readers. As a way to start off the new year, we thought we’d share our top 20 greatest hits of 2017—in no particular order.

Community Spotlight: The Fargo Thesis

Greg Tehven Fargo

Greg Tehven breaks down The Fargo Thesis—3 simple steps that seem to be the common thread in a variety of events, communities and efforts.

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The A-Taco-Lypse: The Story Of Taco Bros. Food Truck

Octavio Gomez, owner and operator of the Taco Bros. food truck

People loyally waited in line for over an hour to get their Taco Bros. fix on opening day this season. Octavio Gomez keeps his customers coming back each and every summer for his delicious Mexican food–find out where the beautiful madness all began.

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Guide To Pets In Fargo-Moorhead

Pet guide fargo moorhead

It’s time to treat your furry friends to the best of the best in town when it comes to, well, pretty much everything. Get involved with the animal side of the community and check out what it has to offer when it comes to grooming, shelters, adoption, housing, taking your pup for a play in the park or spoiling the heck out of your cat.

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The Yesteryears: Tales From Fargo-Moorhead’s Past

Downtown Fargo North Dakota

Fargo-Moorhead packs an incredible amount of fascinating history that goes back to its beginning in 1871. We dug our heads into the archives and consulted historians, experts and veteran locals to uncover tales from Fargo-Moorhead’s past and find out how much of the city’s not-so-forgotten history is still right in front of our eyes.

How To Travel The World Without Leaving Fargo

Alexandre Cyusa

Traveling can be done through our five human senses which do not require us to physically travel. Alexandre Cyusa gives “bank account-friendly” tips to bring out your dormant inner globetrotter.

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5 Things To Eat And Drink In Fargo-Moorhead This Month

Crunch Berry Donut

Each issue, we share the top five delicious foods and drinks we’ve experienced throughout the month. We hope these mouth-watering lists inspire you to stop by one or all of these local establishments.

Punchgut: A Local Artist Within The Shadows Of Satire

With his use of various mediums and styles such as minimalism, dark overtones and eye-addicting swirls of nightmarish detail, Punchgut has made a popular mark on the growing urban art scene and displays a wholesome appreciation for his following and the local art community.

Fargo Police Makes Rap Video With 21 Local Students To Encourage Unity

Fargo Police Officer Michael Bloom and Matthew Niemeyer

The Fargo-Moorhead community united under one roof for a night of celebration at the premier of “Unity,” a music video created by the Fargo Police Department and rap artist David Paul Brooks (DPB) with 21 students from Fargo South High School and Jefferson Elementary in hopes “to show that unity is the only way for a community to stand strong.”

Inverted Perception: Emma Beatrez Undresses Art In Radiant Downtown Debut

emma beatrez new paintings

NSFW WARNING: Please note artwork and photos contain nudity.

With each stroke of alien blue and calming neutral paints, Emma Beatrez further obscures the natural form, presenting an alternative reality in inverted negative paintings. To document her first solo gallery opening, running until June 8, Fargo Monthly caught a few candid moments of the bustling premier.

Playing Tourist For A Day In Fargo-Moorhead

Fargo Stuff

A Moorhead native and a Fargo newbie, a camera in hand and adventure on the mind, we dug into finding out what these cities really have to offer.

Health & Wellness Spotlight: An Inconvenient Appetite?

C.J. English fargo

My husband and I are doing something much more radical than just turning off the lights and unplugging from the grid. We eat plants–a lifestyle that has reduced our carbon footprint far more than all of our other efforts combined.

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Beauty Queen Bee: Locally-made Beauty Products By The Honey B Soap Company

Brittany Sinclair Fargo

For Brittany Sinclair, the soap adventure began when she was reading the ingredients on a bottle of soap in the shower and thought to herself, “This stuff is garbage.”

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Fargo’s New Sanford Medical Center Lines Walls With Regional Artwork

Meg Spielman Peldo

Fargo’s New Sanford Medical Center has over 1,000 pieces of regional artwork hung throughout the 1-million-square-foot building, making the space feel more like a hotel than a hospital.

Local Photographer Recreates Saint John Paul II’s “Letter To Women” For Senior Photo Series

As a senior of fine arts at Minnesota State University Moorhead, Nikayla Elizabeth Cecelia Snyder was required to create a photo series for her senior exhibit. She decided to recreate Saint John Paul II’s “Letter To Women” by photographing eight women that she felt strived to be their best in each of these characteristics: strength, fidelity, acceptance, self-giving, generosity, sensitivity, beauty and receptivity.

Fargo Monthly’s Flavor Awards 2017: Final Results

Drunken Noodle
We had the people of Fargo-Moorhead nominate and vote for their favorite local dishes, drinks and establishments over the course of the last few months to find the best of the best in the local dining scene. And now, after an overwhelming number of responses and support, it’s finally time for us to showcase what came out on top in our second annual Flavor Awards.

3 NDSU Students Create Mobile App To Help Users Find Fargo Events

NDSU students Austin Braham, Nathaniel Thoreson and Mukai Selekwa
Austin Braham, Nathaniel Thoreson and Mukai Selekwa, who all graduated from Fargo Davies High School and currently attend North Dakota State, realized there’s a large problem in their city: there’s a lot to do, but not a lot of people know about these events or opportunities.

Do It All Downtown: Does Downtown Fargo Have Everything You Need?

Red River Market

With the help of a dedicated group of downtown diehards and business owners, we took a look at how it’s possible to live your life in Downtown Fargo without ever really needing to leave. This list is meant to give you a little taste of what’s possible in Downtown Fargo beyond the boutiques and bars.

Health & Wellness Spotlight: A Guide To Eliminating Pesky Pains & Aches

massage therapist, reflexologist and certified craniosacral therapist Katie Karn

Find out how to find some relief from headaches, digestive issues, hip pain, “runners knee” and heel pain.

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16 Weekend Getaway Destinations You’ll Want To Visit This Summer

Weekend Getaways Fargo Moorhead

We worked with the tourism departments of each state to come up with a handful of great weekend getaways in North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota so that you can take full advantage of a Midwest summer (or all seasons, in some cases).

Downtown Fargo Unveils Its New Landmark

Park District's main office building
The Fargo Park District and the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau partnered together to bring a new landmark to Downtown Fargo. Get your selfie sticks ready and head over to the train depot to see the now-unveiled public art piece.

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