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Top 10 Reasons To Work In A Dog Friendly Office

By Hannah Savoy | Photos courtesy of DogIDs

It’s an age old debate. Should offices allow pets? Well, we went to one local company to find out their thoughts on puppers in the workplace.

Well hey there! My name is Hannah and I am the marketing manager at We are an online shop that sells personalized pet products, aka I get to market to puppies each and every day. Even more amazing than that is having office dogs to make the work grind so much better. Here are some of the reason you need to talk with your boss about having dogs in your office.

1. You’ll always have happy coworkers.

You might think your coworkers are happy to see you, but my coworkers are always ECSTATIC to see me. There is nothing better than being greeted by the pups each morning.

2. Dogs are great for instant pick-me-ups.

Miss your morning coffee? Puppy kisses and barking can wake you up instead!

Hannah from dogIDs on why a dog friendly office is a good thing

3. Refocus while going on fetch breaks.

We all get those moments where we need a few minutes to refocus or just take a break. So why not do that while playing fetch with a dog or taking one of the puppers on a walk?

4. You always know when you have office visitors.

The dogs give a tail wagging welcome to every mail man and guest.

5. You never eat lunch alone.

It’s pretty hard to say no to their adorable faces, but eating lunch with three to five dogs surrounding you makes every meal the best one you’ve ever had.

6. We get to involve them in our ridiculously cute marketing.

Check out @emmafromdogids, she was so famous on our Facebook page that we HAD to make her Instagram famous. We are 100 percent certain we have the cutest coworkers.

7. Get instant stress relief.

Stressful day? Research has proven that petting a pet reduces stress, so simply pet a dog until your day becomes significantly better!

Hannah from dogIDs on why a dog friendly office is a good thing

8. You will end up laughing each and every day.

You will end up laughing each and every day. From stealing your comfy chair to playing with squeaky toys, you are guaranteed to chuckle at the doggy antics.

9. Did I mention we get to pet puppies?

Having office doggos is perfect for anyone that has puppy fever, but is unable to commit to a dog just yet. You can have the full dog parent experience at work when you help watch the dogs, accidents and all.

10. You get to bring your dog to work!

We are so lucky that we can bring our pets with us to work. We get to spend more time with them, tire them out and snuggle with them at any hour of the day. It’s safe to say we are very lucky (and so are our dogs).

Still not sure about how amazing it is to have office dogs at work? Stop by and visit us any time, the pups would love to meet you. Stay pawesome!

Written by superman

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