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Discuss Your Schedule Changes

Always keep your photographer posted about any changes that occur throughout the day. Spontaneity can prevent your photographer from capturing your most priceless moments. Changes that may seem minor – like the start time of a dinner or a dance – do affect your photographer’s ability to capture your vision.

Spill Your Secrets

Sometimes families forget to let their photographer know about planned surprises, and the photographer is somewhere else when some of your best moments occur. Don’t let these moments be confined to your memories because you forgot to let your photographer in on the secret.

Share the Details of Your Day

Your photographer should know the schedule of the day as well as you do. He or she has expert knowledge on how much time will be needed to capture your moments, and your photographer needs the proper preparation in order to ensure the quality work you want.

Book an Engagement Session

The advantage of booking engagement sessions – regardless if you feel you need them or not – allows you to get to know your wedding photographer and experience how he or she works. It also gives you an idea of what your wedding day is going to be like, and the less uncertainty you to experience on your big day, the better.

Share Specific Moments

Let your photographer know about any specific pictures you want. At the same time, though, don’t get obsessed with Pinterest. You hired your photographer for his or her creative vision; don’t ask for your Pinterest faves to be re-created – the best pictures never are.

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Written by Lisa Marchand

Lisa is a writer for Fargo Monthly magazine.

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