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The Making Of: The Hall At FBC

Nova Eatery

What Nova Eatery Brings To The Hall

“After years of partnering with our Fargo Brewing Co. friends, we think we’ve developed a pretty good understanding of the variety of different beers they bring to the table. Chef Ryan has worked hard to create a menu exclusive to FBC that will compliment not only the beers but also the relaxed vibe of the space. With a style best described as elevated American comfort food on a rotating food truck-sized menu, it is our goal to offer something different to the community and unique to FBC.” – Nikki Berglund, co-owner, Nova Eatery.

The Hall’s Impact On The Community

“Fargo Brewing is the OG local brewery in these parts and I think the fact that they have operated a successful and increasingly popular business for so long, really speaks to how important they are. Whether you are talking about their original gathering space or the new and improved version, people have always loved the FBC experience and we look forward to being a part of it.” – Nikki Berglund

What The Hall Means To Nova Eatery

“We feel so honored that they approached us to partner up
with them. We have always valued our friendship and love to collaborate with FBC whenever we are given the opportunity. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us in this new venture.”
– Nikki Berglund


The Hall At FBC
610 N University Drive, Fargo
Grand Opening: April 20, 2021

Jade Presents
Fargo Brewing Company
Nice Barber Co.
Nova Eatery

Written by Brady Drake

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