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The Making Of: The Hall At FBC

Nice Barber Co.

Inception Of A Barbershop

“Part of this whole Nice Barber Co. concept stems from Jade and I discussing just how much life throws at you. It always feels painstaking to do anything and there’s never enough time in the day. Wouldn’t it be nice where you could go somewhere, get a haircut, grab a bite to eat and grab a beer? But barbershops are no different from any other job because the hours are pretty similar. We thought that we would open a little later and stay open a bit later. There is really not a barbershop like that in Fargo. We understand that you without our customer, we don’t have a business, so how about we make that customer experience the best we can?” – Branden Ashmore, owner/barber, Nice Barber Co.

What Customers Can Expect From Nice Barber Co.

“I want people to show up here and I want them to feel like their home. We’re all small-town guys here, too. I came from a farming community of 500 people and Jade is from Valley City. We’re all from such a small area, that there’s a lot of things that the big city changed in our lives. There are little things you forget, but I want people to come to the shop and feel welcome. You don’t even have to come in for a cut, just come in and say hi and hang out. We want this to be an old school barbershop feel with some new twists to it.” – Branden Ashmore

What The Hall Means To Nice Barber Co.

“I want people to come in here and forget about everything they have going on, I want to make people feel welcome. I want it to feel like running into an old high school friend when you come here. Everybody wants a sense of belonging and I feel like that’s something that we’ll be able to give. We wanted to incorporate so much of that ‘Midwestern nice’ upbringing and I think it comes through in our work.” – Branden Ashmore

Written by Brady Drake

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