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The Making Of: The Hall At FBC

Fargo Brewing Company Taproom

Fargo Brewing Company’s new taproom will be located on the south side of the building. Compare this to the current taproom, which is on the west side.

What The Hall Means To Fargo Brewing

“This is something that we’ve been working towards for years. For all of our employees, music is a very huge influence in our day-to-day. Over the years, we’ve been kind of building that history of Fargo Brewing and live events. We’ve done smaller events inside the taproom and stuff like that, but this just gives us a larger venue to be able to put interesting things for ourselves and the rest of the Fargo-Moorhead community.” – Zach Click, operations manager, Fargo Brewing

The Hall’s Impact On Fargo-Moorhead

“We know that these concerts and the stuff Jade Presents offers are huge assets to our community. Not only people who live in this area, but it brings people to Fargo-Moorhead, too. When people come to town, they’re staying at local hotels, going to local restaurants. All of that is bringing a lot more revenue dollars to our city other than just us, right? For us, we always say high tides raise all boats and I think a space like this can help the whole community, not just our business.” – Zach Click

The Lounge

Exterior of the special “Lounge” room which will be connected to Nice Barber Co. Smaller, more private events will be the main use for The Lounge area. An example Nielsen envisions is a groom’s dinner.

Written by Brady Drake

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