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Annie Wood

Community Spotlight: What If Downtown Fargo Had A Student Union?

by Annie Woodon Jun 29, 2017
Annie Wood asks the question: "What if we applied this model to coworking spaces–turning them into “student unions” for communities?"

2015 Highlights

Fargo-Moorhead 2015: Highlights From The Year

by Danielle Wenteon Dec 30, 2015
We would probably need an entire magazine to showcase everything that happened to our great community this year. Instead, we picked a handful of notable events and new businesses that hit our scene this year.

I love Fargo Prairie Room Greg Tehvan

Startup Spotlight: A Time To Appreciate

by Fargo Monthlyon Nov 24, 2015
Greg Tehven talks about the five areas he's most grateful for this holiday season.

40 Things To Eat, Drink And Experience In Downtown Fargo

by Fargo Monthlyon Sep 10, 2015
From the hidden (community gardens) to the obvious (the HoDo has delicious food, duh), Downtown Fargo has something for everyone. We hit the streets to find what you should know about the most eclectic area of town. Meet the downtown diehards who work, play and live downtown and see if you can find all 40 of the things we recommend experiencing.

Twitter as rainbow chalk

Fargo According To Twitter: July 31st – August 4th

by Lydia Gilbertsonon Aug 5, 2015
Check out what happened this week through the eyes of a Twitter feed.