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New Businesses In Fargo-Moorhead You Need To Check Out

by Fargo Monthlyon Sep 20, 2017
As Fargo-Moorhead grows, so does the list of businesses. We set out to find some of the coolest new businesses in town. Here's what we dug up!

Prairie Rose Beef Tenderloin from Luna Fargo

See Why Luna Fargo Is Plating Perfection

by Erica Rappon Jul 10, 2015
Luna Fargo is making a statement in the dining scene of Fargo-Moorhead. Whether you're looking for decadent dishes and coffee to beer, wine, cheese and more, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

A Brewed Awakening Article in Fargo Monthly Magazine

Surprising Benefits Of Drinking Coffee Before Your Workout

by Aubrey Schieldon Apr 17, 2015
Drinking coffee before you hit the treadmill or meet up with your personal trainer may seem a little counterintuitive. In recent years, however, what you used to think was just for that extra boost in the morning has been found to have some pretty cool health benefits.

Classic Rock Coffee in Fargo Monthly 2015.

A Look Inside Classic Rock Coffee

by Erica Rappon Jan 1, 2015
As of September, Fargo is home to the first franchise of Classic Rock Coffee in the United States. Offering a unique experience to both coffee and music lovers, this coffee shop has quickly become a Fargo (and a Fargo Monthly) favorite. If rock music and coffee weren’t enough to draw you in, here is a list of other reasons you’ll love Classic Rock Coffee.