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Monthly Finds: Outdoor Fun

by Erica Rappon Jun 13, 2017
Raise your glasses, frisbees and grilling tongs and get ready to have fun in the sun. We found a few items from locally-owned shops and boutiques downtown so that you can amp up your summer vibes and outdoor hangs.

Rab Womens Jacket from Outermost Layer

Monthly Finds: Cold Weather Necessities

by Erica Rappon Feb 1, 2017
Sometimes our winters can be straight-up brutal, but that shouldn't come as a surprise. No matter how long you've lived in Fargo-Moorhead, our harsh winter conditions are not easy to deal with or get used to. Here are a few items from around town that can help you stay warm, safe and even stylish.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Monthly Finds: Holiday Cheer

by Erica Rappon Dec 22, 2016
It's that time of year where Santa, snowmen and reindeer are a sight to see everywhere. We made stops around Downtown Fargo to find a few festive items you could use to spread holiday cheer this year. And there's so much of it downtown that you might want to take an entire day to do some shopping and see it all for yourself. Happy holidays!

Monthly Finds Office Goods

Monthly Finds: Office Goods

by Erica Rappon Nov 28, 2016
Looking to score the right equipment for your office or find some goods to spruce up your desk? We found a few items at Fargo shops and boutiques that are perfect for spicing things up at your work space.

Made In Fargo Monthly

I love Fargo Prairie Room Greg Tehvan

Community Spotlight: Explore Downtown Fargo With This Scavenger Hunt

by Greg Tehvenon Nov 16, 2016
"My local adventure has inspired me to challenge you–yes, you the reader– to take a half day and join me on a scavenger hunt filled with fun. If you should complete this challenge, which I hope you do, I’ll treat you to the “Hit and Run” special at a hard-to-find coffee shop tucked away in an alley in Downtown Fargo (reveal of location found in the scavenger hunt)." - Greg Tehven

Fall Fashion October 2016

Monthly Finds: Fall Fashion

by Erica Rappon Oct 27, 2016
Plaid, flannel, hats, scarves, boots, jackets and so much more. It’s safe to say that we’re falling hard for fall fashion, so we went out to find a few items at Fargo-Moorhead’s boutiques that you might want to have in your closet this fall.

Midwest accent coasters from Unglued downtown fargo

Monthly Finds: Local Love

by Erica Rappon Sep 29, 2016
We found some great items at local shops so you can show off your love for the community.

Rusty nuts american bison - Unglued

Monthly Finds: Knick Knacks

by Fargo Monthlyon Aug 30, 2016
It's no secret that Downtown Fargo is full of unique shops with funky merchandise. We visited a few shops and found a few fun items you might want to have hanging out in your home or office.

Tommy Bahama Sandals from Halberstadts Downtown Fargo

Monthly Finds: For The Guys

by Erica Rappon Jun 24, 2016
Maybe you need some help with your summer outfits or maybe you're looking for a great gift to give that special guy in your life. Whatever your needs are, you'll be able to find plenty of items like these and many more around Downtown Fargo.

New In Town 2016 - Features Photo

Check Out A Few New Businesses In Fargo-Moorhead

by Erica Rappon Jun 13, 2016
Leave it to Fargo-Moorhead to be a constant breeding ground for new businesses. From restaurants to boutiques, we caught up with six establishments that have recently opened their doors to our beloved community.