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Stylin’ With SCHEELS

Photos By Kayleigh Omang
Models: Alisha Nelson and Jon Walter

When SCHEELS comes to mind, one might envision trips to gather gear for a camping trip or sporting goods or fan gear before the big game. And while the store is a staple in those departments, they also have an extensive apparel offering for all styles, careers and ages.

Meet SCHEELS Line Leaders

SCHEELS Co-Line Leader for Women’s Sportswear, Brenna Bigwood; Co-Line Leader for Women’s Athletic, Natalie Janak; and Line Leader for Women’s Fashion, Carrie Shappell shared with us some stylish trends you can find in-store. When buying for the upcoming seasons, these women have their finger on the pulse of what’s trending nation-wide, and also what is practical and in-style regionally. Unique to the buying fashion process at SCHEELS is that they include store associates in decision making. With 28 stores in 13 states, SCHEELS’ market is wide and this additional input is beneficial to satisfying customer needs.

SCHEELS Line Leaders (from left): Natalie Janak, Brenna Bigwood
and Carrie Shappell.

“We discover brands in a multitude of ways ranging from social media to our sales reps introducing new lines that they have, but the most common way we discover new brands is from our stores. Our stores are direct lines to our customers and let us know what customers in our stores are asking for our brands that our employees are seeing in their markets,” said Brenna Bigwood, Co-Line Leader for Women’s Sportswear. With eyes from Fargo-based corporate alongside on-the-ground sales associates, in-store apparel selections are intentional, on-trend and oh-so-stylish.

Come with us as we show you some on-trend looks 100% comprised of pieces from SCHEELS.



Vuori Long-Sleeve Tee
Buy from here
Alo Yoga Flowy Tank
Buy from here
Alo Yoga Leopard Legging
Buy from here
Patagonia Backpack
Buy from here
Alo Yoga Comfy Hoodie
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  1. Vuori Long-Sleeve Tee
  2. Alo Yoga Flowy Tank
  3. Alo Yoga Leopard Legging
  4. Patagonia Backpack
  5. Alo Yoga Comfy Hoodie

Men’s fitness options at SCHEELS go beyond the court, providing high-quality and versatile separates perfect for any level of physical activity. Passing the “feel test” and becoming the reigning champ of “softest material we’ve ever felt” is one of SCHEELS’ newest lines, Vuori. With buttery fabric and an athletic fit, every item in Vuori’s line is as comfortable as it is versatile.

Stiff and scratchy t-shirts have no place in our wardrobes any longer! When looking for athleisure-wear, the SCHEELS buying team knows that fashion and function have an equal value to the customer. Nowadays, our wardrobes are more fluid, and what you wear to morning yoga class has to be able to transition to coffee with the girls afterward. With Alo Yoga’s buttery soft material and stylish mock-neck, this fluidity is perfectly achieved.

Yoga-inspired apparel has proven to be a big seller at SCHEELS. The comfort that these Alo Yoga leggings provide—combined with the on-trend leopard print pattern—makes them fit into your fitness regimen AND Saturday brunch plans.

Whether you’re traversing downtown or hiking through the prairie, everyone needs a good backpack. SCHEELS carries a variety of brands, from wellknown brands such as this Patagonia bag all the way to ones you have yet to discover, like Cotopaxi or Duluth Pack. Stick to what’s familiar or branch out to something new, that’s the beauty of the SCHEELS experience.

Don’t forget a pullover! Ditch your high-school team’s logo and graduate to a modern, stylishly cut sweatshirt that is equally comfy as it is flattering.

Casual Cool

A ’90s resurgence is coming back strong. Retro logos from our favorite pop culture icons of decades past are beginning to reemerge into our daily lives. While acid wash denim may not be on the racks again, you can still lean into this nostalgic trend with retro logos printed on modern cuts.

This classic boyfriend blazer comes from SCHEELS’ in-house brand, Eden Ruth. The Eden Ruth line provides transitional pieces that look great both in the office and after-hours. “I love boyfriend blazers for work with easy layering basics and fun shoes, but they’re also comfy enough to pair with a graphic tee and sneakers on the weekend,” said Shappell. Elevate a graphic tee and distressed denim look with the addition of a blazer, and right away you’ve nailed the casual-cool look.

Another nod to the ’90s comes with the resurgence of iconic brands of that era. We’re talking about Levi’s everywhere. We all remember our favorite 501s or Silvertabs from the brand and SCHEELS is stocked and ready to fulfill all our nostalgic needs. “As with many trends, we can expect to see this one evolve through the seasons. We’ll continue to see some form of this nod to the ’90s throughout 2020,” said Carrie Shappell, Leader for Women’s Fashion. “Let’s just hope neon butterfly clips don’t have another moment!”

Rockin' Def Leppard Graphic Tee
Buy from here
Eden Ruth Boyfriend Blazer
Buy from here
Levi's 711 Distressed Jeans
Buy from here
  1. Rockin' Def Leppard Graphic Tee
  2. Eden Ruth Boyfriend Blazer
  3. Levi's 711 Distressed Jeans
Hippy Tree Arroyo Hat
Buy from here
Vineyard Vines Short Shorts
Buy from here
Chubbies "Dude Where's Macaw" Shirt
Buy from here
  1. Hippy Tree Arroyo Hat
  2. Vineyard Vines Short Shorts
  3. Chubbies "Dude Where's Macaw" Shirt

If you’re ready to move on from your tried-and-true sporting team cap, turn to a lifestyle brand hat, such as this HippyTree Bedford cord one. SCHEELS is home to a number of ecofriendly and sustainable brands, HippyTree being one of them. By using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing, HippyTree is dedicated to softening our environmental impact without giving up style and aesthetic.

These 8″ Vineyard Vines shorts are another nod to the “Southern Prep” trend SCHEELS buyers are expecting to see this upcoming season. With midwestern winters, it’s fun to adopt some Southern trends and dress as if we are coming straight from a Georgia golf course. According to the SCHEELS buying team, with this trend, you can expect to be seeing lots of beach colors and whimsical prints.

When you’re wearing a shirt this fun, it’s hard to have a bad day. While the brand Chubbies might be best known for their bold micro-shorts for men, they aren’t going to let the bottom half get all the glory. For a playful, yet still comfortable look, reach for this half-button, printed shirt from Chubbies. It’s breathable and forgiving fabric are perfect for a day out on the lake or relaxing by the fire with friends.

The New Professional

Liverpool is another line that really nails the demands of a modern woman. The relaxed fit in a neutral pattern adds personality to career wear options. Wearing a pattern but in neutral colors allows you to mix and match easily, going as bold or as subdued as you’re comfortable with. Pieces like these are great ways to blur the line between what you wear before 5 o’clock and after 5 o’clock. Duality is key.

For style options on and off the clock, SCHEELS’ private label Eden Ruth is a go-to. The need for contemporary career wear line for women came with the discovery that in a lot of the markets SCHEELS operates in, there’s just not a lot of professional shopping options. With this in mind, Eden Ruth was created by SCHEELS with the modern working woman as a muse, allowing her to transition the pieces from work to play with ease and personality. “There wasn’t one customer in particular that we had in mind when developing the line. We wanted to create a line that had something for every woman, whether she be a working mom or a young professional going to her first interview, and every woman in between,” said Bigwood.

Another staple from the Eden Ruth line is the ankle pant. Workwear becomes elevated with the addition of these modern tailored trousers to your wardrobe. Both flattering and sophisticated, these just might become your new go-to pants.

Liverpool Boyfriend Blazer
Buy from here
Eden Ruth Lacy Tank
Buy from here
Eden Ruth Classic Ankle Pant
Buy from here
  1. Liverpool Boyfriend Blazer
  2. Eden Ruth Lacy Tank
  3. Eden Ruth Classic Ankle Pant
7Diamonds Button Down
Buy from here
Mission Belt Co. Steel Belt
Buy from here
Cole Haan Rubber-Sole Sneakers
Buy from here
  1. 7Diamonds Button Down
  2. Mission Belt Co. Steel Belt
  3. Cole Haan Rubber-Sole Sneakers

Career wear, but also denim-friendly? Every man needs a few shirts like this in his closet.

Who would have thought that belts could be reimagined to be even more effective? Mission Belt Co.’s staple belt features 1/4 inch slats on the inside that click into the belt buckle. This means you get a truer to size fit and no more stretched-out, embarrassing holes ever again.

Men and women both are starting to demand more from their career wear. This means combining professionalism with comfort and practicality. Stiff dress shoes are “out” and rubber-soled leather sneakerloafer combinations are “in.”

Alexandra Martin

Written by Alexandra Martin

Alexandra Martin is the editor of Fargo Monthly. She hails from Huntsville, Alabama, but graduated from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri with a degree in Fashion Communications. When she's not in the office, she is busy taking care of her small zoo of pets, cooking up vegetables, or listening to true-crime podcasts.

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