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Everyday Guys… Someday Heroes

Photos by J. Alan Paul

By day, one is a software developer. Another is in retail management. The other two work in construction and music instrument repair. However, by night, Anthony De La Garza, Devin Mois, Lyle Hager and Sky make up the band Someday Heroes. While all have varying levels of music and band experience, they come together to be one the mainstays in the Fargo live music scene.

Sky is referred to as the “glue” of the band. “I started performing way back when with a comedy duo actually,” Sky said. “Me and another friend formed a band named ‘Click track’. Then, we became Third and Main after we met our first bassist. We toyed around with a few drummers before Anthony joined. Right after Devin came was when we changed the name to Someday Heroes. That was probably about four years ago now.”

Each band member brings their own level of experience and flare to the group. “I just picked up a guitar because I wanted to start playing,” said Mois. “I was kind of late starting because I started when I was 16, but from that, it just became one of my goals to constantly get better at it.”

As for De La Garza, he has played the drums since he was in fifth grade. “I actually originally wanted to play trumpet, but they were all full in the school band,” he said. “Once I started playing, it was something I genuinely loved doing. In high school, I had a band called Slaughtered Leprechaun and then I moved on to some bands in Grand Forks. After I moved back to Fargo in 2015, I auditioned for these guys and got the part.”

This lengthy drumming resume has given De La Garza a few sponsors. He is currently backed by SledgePad Innovations and KickPort International, two national drum equipment companies.

Sky says he learned a love for music at an early age. “My dad was in a band, so I grew up around music,” he said. “I studied music in college and all that, but I was not interested in performing anything. But my wife got me up for an open mic night one time and I’ve never looked back.”

Someday Heroes

However, the member with the most formal music experience is Hager, who began playing piano when he was in grade school. “My mom forced me to take piano lessons,” he said. “And I hated it. Then she forced me into band where I played trumpet. In high school I got moved to tuba and that is when I started playing bass guitar. After that I studied music in college, and I played in a few bands then. I actually took a few years off because I was traveling around the country, but after I got back here I put an ad on Craigslist and these guys found me.”

The band was puzzled by the question of what genre they like to consider themselves. “We don’t stick to one, but probably more rock,” said Mois. “I always say we are 90s alternative, if we have to be something,” said De La Garza. “We stick true enough to the genre of the specific song, but we make it our own too,” said Sky. Mois added that all of the members have their “seasonings” they like to throw into the songs they play too.

Unlike most bands in the Fargo area, Someday Heroes likes to branch outside of Downtown. Though they have played and been mainstays at Downtown places like Pickled Parrot, Dempsey’s, the VFW and Sidestreet, they have also played venues in St. Cloud and Enderlin. They say they just want to play everywhere rather than being confined to one area in one city.

“We stick true enough to the genre of the specific song, but we make it our own too.”

For local bands like Someday Heroes, it can occasionally feel like they are only treading water and not making any real progress. However, the band continues to stay motivated by a number of different things. “We have originals now, which has helped,” said Mois. “We are just about finished recording an album and its those creative juices that keep you going.” Mois added that learning new songs to perform is always something that keeps morale high.

“Playing places like the VFW, where they do not get a ton of people is important for us too, I think,” Sky said. “We just love playing there and bringing in the biggest crowds they have ever seen. Just knowing that people come in to see you, that means we have to be doing something right, I figure.”

They just recently began playing “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith which is both a hit with audiences and the band. However, Sky and De La Garza take a liking to another tune they play. “I love playing ‘Shine’ by Collective Soul because we change it up so much and we really make it our own,” said De La Garza.

“That song means so much to me because it was my dad’s favorite song,” Sky said. “He just passed away in September and it just has so much more meaning to it now. I don’t care if it clears the dance floor, I’ll always love playing it.”

As they look towards the future, Someday Heroes is very optimistic. “We just want to play those big venues. We want to be at Ribfest, State Fairs or even the casino circuit,” Sky said. While they are well on their way to achieving those aspirations, the guys of Someday Heroes will continue to come alive in the evenings to break out of their usual 9 to 5 shells.

Check them out at Dempsey’s 10 p.m. on Saturday, July 7.

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Nolan P. Schmidt

Written by Nolan P. Schmidt

Nolan is the Editor of Fargo Monthly. Schmidt is also the Editor of Spotlight Media's Bison Illustrated and Future Farmer publications. He is originally from Bismarck, N.D. and is a proud graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead.

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