Sadiyo Hassan (12/20)

Sadiyo and her family were refugees from Nairobi, Kenya who wanted only to live a better life. As the daughter of a single mother who works night shifts at minimum wage all while raising six children, she’s only ever known a low-income life. There wasn’t much control in her life, so Sadiyo took control of the one thing she could be held responsible for: her education. Sadiyo’s drive for success in her education has not only shown through her academic excellence as she graduated Valedictorian of West Fargo High School’s Class of 2018, but also through her leadership roles in extracurriculars including FIRST Robotics and three service clubs. In this journey, Sadiyo found her passion in engineering which led to her professional success in becoming an Early Talent Intern at John Deere and now an owner of a tech startup company, all before she graduated high school.

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