Nick Ybarra (20/20)

Nick Ybarra is a self-employed director of adventure. In 2012 he established Legendary Adventures New Discoveries LLC. L.A.N.D. exists to create legendary adventures for people to experience new discoveries about themselves, the great outdoors and more. Nick is the creator and director of the Badlands Race Series, consisting of eight annual events that are dubbed, “the raddest of races, in the baddest of places.” Nick founded the Save The Maah Daah Hey Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization that brought our country’s longest non-motorized, single-track trail back from extinction, when the USFS lost the funding and staff to maintain the trail. Nick has dedicated his life to saving the Maah Daah Hey Trail from erosion, overgrowth and ultimately extinction by volunteering to annually mow, trim, prune and shovel the entire one-hundred and eighty miles of the MDH and connecting trails into findable, useable and enjoyable condition, for all trail users.

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