Know your parks (3/5)

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When planning the perfect picnic a nice, grassy, flat space with lots of sunlight is ideal. Here’s a few widespread suggestions (out of the MANY parks in Fargo-Moorhead):

  • Downtown Fargo, Island Park: Fargo’s Island Park offers great picnic material with long, open green space along 7th St S, as well as shaded tree area within the park. There’s even tables if you prefer a tabled picnic, as well as a swimming pool, tennis, and basketball courts, and a playground for picnic entertainment.
  • North Fargo, Mickelson Field: Situated alongside the Red River, this large open green space has plenty of picnic-ready places along with a bike path, to boot.
  • West Fargo, Rabanus Park: A vast green space with native prairie grassland along 42nd Street South, this park has the space needed for a picnic along with a grill, sand volleyball court, community garden, even a shelter in case those rainy cloud decide to make it a water party picnic. (Bonus: right across the street is Petro Travel Center where you can pick up some delicious picnic food. Keep reading.)

Written by Jessica Kuehn

Jessica Kuehn is the web editor for Spotlight Media. She graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead with a degree in print journalism. When she isn't writing or correcting her and other people's grammar, Jessica is obsessively quoting The Office and reading way too many books.

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