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Shakin’ It Up In Downtown Fargo

Featured Photo by Hillary Ehlen

Only in the Midwest will you see people with many layers of clothes on to keep them warm with a smoothie in their hand.

Downtown Fargo is home to many smoothies shops that also experience these classic Minnesotan and North Dakotans. Smoothie shops such as Juice It Smoothie & Juice Bar, Cold Fusion, Teaberry and Fit Republic experience these customers on a daily basis.

Cold Fusion

In the Black Building on Broadway, Cold Fusion is home to Herbalife nutrition. Owner Gretchen Ehlen said they want you to be able to get fast food but have it be nutritious.

“We serve aloe, tea and healthy smoothies,” Ehlen said.

They serve seven different teas and 34 different smoothies. They change up their smoothies from time to time and create new combinations.

“We want our customers to leave with a smile,” Ehlen said.

Their loyal customers are the key to their success. She said business on the first cold day is slower at Cold Fusion, but it starts right back up the next day no matter how cold it is.


On Broadway in downtown Fargo, Teaberry sits on a corner, serving boba teas and boba smoothies. Molly O’Brien, a regular at Teaberry, says she loves the atmosphere of the small smoothie shop.

“It’s a great place to hang out with friends,” O’Brien said. “The smoothies are amazing and decently priced.”

She said that she goes to Teaberry less often in the winter because it’s cold but also because she’s very busy attending MSUM.

“When it’s cold outside, I don’t usually like to drink cold stuff like smoothies,” said O’Brien, but she added that her go-to drink at Teaberry is the fresh fruit mango, strawberry and pineapple with mango jellies.

You have many choices of flavors for your smoothies, and you can pick up to three all at $5. If you want another flavor or add on’s such as bobas, jellies or pearls, those are also options.

always servin’ shakes with a smile ?

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Fit Republic

This smoothie shop is located on 4th Street in downtown Moorhead. Chantell Mindt, a student at MSUM, goes to Fit Republic at least once a week and possibly more in the winter.

“I enjoy going to Fit because it’s a good place to get a quick replacement meal that tastes good,” Mindt said. “Knowing all the staff at Fit also makes coming in so much fun because I get to chat with them to see how their day is going.”

Kari Haaversen started to work at Fit Republic this past September.

“I wanted to work there because I always used to get shakes there and the people are so genuinely nice,” Haaversen said.

She says business can be slower on the colder days, but customers still get their shakes and hot tea so the visits do not go down as much.

Mindt said it doesn’t matter to her about the temperature outside.

“I love going to Fit even if it’s cold or hot outside,” Mindt said.

Juice It Smoothie & Juice Bar

The Juice It Smoothie & Juice Bar was added to Broadway next to the Fort Noks Bar of Gold this past July. Airyana Hays started to work there after it opened.

“Weather really doesn’t affect our customers coming as much,” Hays said. “When it’s really windy during the winter, it is a little slower but not much.”

Hays said they are still new to Broadway, so many people have not tried their smoothies. She said if you want to try something new, try their Grunge smoothie, which is their most popular smoothie.

All these shops have one thing in common: great, cold smoothies and shakes. Don’t be afraid to try their most popular blend or try something new. You might become a regular.

*This article originally appeared on Doing it Downtown, AreaVoices.

Written by Jessica Colby

Jessica Colby is majoring in Exercise Science and Multimedia Journalism with three minors at MSUM. She is from Anoka, Minnesota and is the head coach of the Red Dragons swim club in Moorhead. Contact her by email at

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