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Prairie Brothers Brewing Company Makes Big Splash In South Fargo

Photo by Hillary Ehlen and Paul Flessland

We traveled all over Fargo-Moorhead and profiled your favorite local breweries, meaderies and distilleries. Whether you prefer a nice cocktail, a craft beer or even a sweet mead, we have them all here! Come along with us on the tour of some of the great establishment in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

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If you were to ask owner Don Kenna what sets Prairie Brothers Brewing Company apart from other places in the area, he’ll respond with a simple answer. “We are the only brewery in South Fargo,” Kenna said. “From Main Street to the South, we are the only brewery. And we are hitting on some classic beers and new ideas that make our product cleaner and better.”

Having opened in 2017, Prairie Brothers has a steady mix of classic craft creations and exciting new ventures. To date, their three top sellers in the taproom are their Dreamer Cream Ale (pictured), the Coco Boingo Chocolate Milk Stout and their Haze It IPA (pictured).

“We have some standards that are unlike any other standards in the area and people are going crazy for them,” said Kenna.


However, they do have some new ideas on the horizon that are sure to peak any craft beer enthusiast’s interest. “We are going to have a porter style beer soon, it’s called Law Dog,” Kenna said. Prairie Brothers also plans to have a Czech Pilsner on tap by the middle of this month. Calling it Chill Pills, those style of beers are usually lighter in color and hoppy in flavor. A perfect beer for the oncoming spring weather for sure.

Looking forward to the summer, Prairie Brothers plans to have several wheat beers and shandies. While that may be far off in the distance, the South Fargo brewery is always looking towards their future tap lists.

“We are a great brewery and people just need to give us a try.”

In terms of distribution, Prairie Brothers pushes out their beer to 15 different locations throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. Kenna says they do not want to stop there though, “Our goal is to be all over Minnesota lakes country and in the Iron Range area,” he said. “Minnesota may seem like a saturated craft beer market, but they have such a rich palette for craft beer so that is where we want to be.”

Don Kenna is always looking to the future of Prairie Brothers Brewing Company. Whether it is a wider net of distribution or new types of beer, he seems to be one step ahead. Yet, he knows it is the customer that is always right.

“Our future is in the hands of the beer drinkers,” he said. “Knowing that we have a fantastic product, we don’t want to remain a small operation. We want to be big and the drive from that is with the consumer loving our product.”

“We are a great brewery and people just need to give us a try,” Kenna said. “People may not know that South Fargo has a great brewery, but we have a great variety and a steady crowd of people coming through. We just want people to realize that we have great beer.”

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Prairie Brothers To-Dos

  • Like the hoppy taste of an IPA, but also like the malty taste of a stout? Drink their Padfoot Black IPA with notes of hops and coffee.
  • Don’t miss out on Pub Trivia every Tuesday at 7 p.m.
  • If you love Prairie Brothers beer, join their rewards club.


4474 23rd Ave S, Fargo
Monday | Closed
Tuesday-Thursday | 4-10 p.m.
Friday | 4-12 a.m.
Saturday | 12-12 a.m.
Sunday | 12-6 p.m.

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Written by Nolan P. Schmidt

Nolan is the Editor of Fargo Monthly. Schmidt is also the Editor of Spotlight Media's Bison Illustrated and Future Farmer publications. He is originally from Bismarck, N.D. and is a proud graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead.

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