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The Plan

Focus on the Big Picture

Whether you opt for Rustic Trunk’s partial design or go a different route, pick three specific areas to focus on. By doing this, you can focus your design on the most important parts of your wedding, whether it’s your head table, centerpieces, ceremony altar or anything else. This will give you good direction.

Know Your Personalities

Brusven says her number one advice for couples is to know your personalities as individuals and as a couple. Not onlywill this give your designer something to work with, your guests will come to your wedding and say, “This feels like them.”

You Can’t Please Everybody

No matter how hard you try, Brusven says you cannot please everybody, nor should you try. It isn’t everybody’s wedding; it’s your wedding, and no matter what you pick it will not fit all styles. Follow your gut and make the design totally yours.

Renting Saves More Time Than Money

Rustic Trunk has an extensive inventory of rentals, from antique chairs and tables to vintage suitcases and rustic signage. Not only does renting save you money, it saves you time, energy and a whole lot of stress. You can return the items after your wedding without having to worry about storing or selling them.

Give Your Designer Some Freedom

As with other experts in the wedding field, they desire a little creative freedom. Brusven says to trust your designer because that is why you hire one. They are there to make your life easier and your wedding day beautiful.

Simple is Beautiful

According to Brusven’s taste, simple is beautiful. You do not have to have lavish, expensive decorations to have a beautiful wedding.

Rustic Trunk Rentals & Design 

Written by Lisa Marchand

Lisa is a writer for Fargo Monthly magazine.

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