mixologist chris staloch

Mixologist Of The Month: Tru Blu Social Club

by Kara Jefferson Nov 6, 2017
With the cold weather reminding us we are one step closer to an infamous Fargo winter, we are thankful for Tru Blu Social Club's Chris Staloch for sharing this sweet drink, promising us that spring will come again.

Eric Watson recipe Goat Shepherd's pie

Culinary Spotlight: Goat, It “Does Not” Taste Just Like Chicken

by Eric Watsonon Nov 3, 2017
The rest of the world seems to have a great appreciation and appetite for goat but that’s not the case here in America.

Made In Fargo Monthly

Park District's main office building

Downtown Fargo Unveils Its New Landmark

by Kara Jefferson Nov 2, 2017
The Fargo Park District and the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau partnered together to bring a new landmark to Downtown Fargo. Get your selfie sticks ready and head over to the train depot to see the now-unveiled public art piece.

Caters Taters is RDO Equipment's charitable potato luncheon

10+ Local Events In November You Can’t Miss

by Samantha Starkon Nov 1, 2017
The holiday season is upon us. This means we bid farewell to the jack-o'-lanterns and start preparing for the feasts, blanket of snow and Christmas lights. With that comes holiday-themed theatrical performances and charity events, of which there are plenty.

Halloween Guide Fargo Moorhead 2017

Fargo-Moorhead Ultimate Halloween Guide 2017

by Fargo Monthlyon Oct 31, 2017
Whether you're looking to carve pumpkins with your family or get your socks scared off, Fargo-Moorhead has something for everyone this Halloween.

Adoptable pets fargo

4 Adoptable Animals From Diamond In The Ruff

by Fargo Monthlyon Oct 27, 2017
Check out some of these adoptable animals from Diamond in the Ruff Pet Rescue and consider bringing one (or all) home!

Henry Quach

A Tapas Takeover Is Happening In This Canadian City

by Travel Manitobaon Oct 26, 2017
Winnipeg is a melting pot of different cuisines and flavors, as well as a wealth of up-and-coming chefs from all across the world.

massage therapist, reflexologist and certified craniosacral therapist Katie Karn

Health & Wellness Spotlight: A Guide To Eliminating Pesky Pains & Aches

by Kylee Seiferton Oct 24, 2017
Read on to find out how to find some relief from headaches, digestive issues, hip pain, “runners knee” and heel pain.

karl krueger bartender

Mixologist Of The Month: The Bomb Shelter

by Erica Rappon Oct 23, 2017
With over 16 years of experience in the bar industry, bartender Karl Krueger knows just how to satisfy your flavor palette whether it’s with punchy shots or one of his tasty Cognac creations.

Lexie Rundquist AEROW Fargo

The Ring Leader: Handmade Jewelry By AEROW

by Ethan Mickelsonon Oct 20, 2017
Working out of the new studio and retail space at 17 8th St. S, as a part of Make Room, Lexie Rundquist designs handmade jewelry for her business, AEROW.