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Inspiration Spotlight: The Art Of Daily Practice

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“Create what you most need to find” – an affirmation I have carried with me the last five years as I stepped bravely into my creative practice. As an artist, a maker, an entrepreneur, a business owner, a “go getter,” it has been an adventure filled with being brave, believing in myself, shifting, learning and boldly going past the comfort zone. No matter what role you carry, we all can relate to the day to day journey of unfolding a vision. This journey carries all the “feels.”

The “feels” of the not knowing if it will work, the “feels” of not knowing how to do something or the “feels” of learning new skills, the “feels” of not being enough or the “feels” of being hard on yourself, not believing in yourself and abilities. These “feels” are part of the process and over the years, I have been rising and meeting creative journaling and affirmation practices to guide me through these “feels.” These practices are part of the Art Of Daily Practice, my creative healing arts practice that carries tools that you can use to inspire your creative spirit and connect you with your present self. These daily practices will create space for inspiration, guidance and healing. You will strengthen your confidence, your vision, your intentions and feel the connection to your present self. These practices are creative tools for you to feel more connection, more love, more positive energy.

I invite you to practice with me.

To Practice (a verb): To go towards all you do in your life with love. This love carries space and within this space is your inspiration, guidance and healing.

Rising in practice has helped me quiet the negative voice that had often held me back. It has given me permission to go towards my vision and take brave steps forward.

A Practice Of “I Am” Affirmation

Collect a journal or a piece of paper/post-it note and a pen.

Each line you journal will begin with I AM and followed with positive words to create an affirmation.


1. Focus on your “titles”

Ex. I AM an artist, I AM a Minnesotan, I AM a sister/brother, I AM a yogi, runner, etc. Shine light on where you invest your energy.

2. Write positive affirmations to strengthen what you already know about yourself and then be brave to journal positive affirmations that you do not believe to be true about yourself to strengthen within you.

Ex. I AM creative. I AM trusting myself. I AM enough. I AM strong.

3. Use your “To-do” list and write affirmations as if you are already accomplishing the task.

Ex. I AM re-designing my website. I AM completing a project. I AM taking care of myself. I AM walking my dog. I AM taking yoga classes. 

Artist Nichole Rae


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Written by Nichole Rae

Artist Nichole Rae is a creative guide + carries the Art of Daily Practice, a creative healing arts practice to inspire your creative spirit + cultivate the connection to your present self through a collection of art journaling + affirmation practices. She leads workshops, 1:1 sessions, private events and has a shop of creative tools at

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