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Maker Of The Month: See Lang Design

Interview by Ashley Morken, Unglued
Photos courtesy of See Lang Design

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m originally from the magical city of Minot, moved to Upstate NY after high school. That’s where I fell in love with printmaking, paper and graphic design. After college went into graphic design but missed the handmade element. When we moved back to North Dakota, I got to focus more on making for myself. I love learning new processes and forms of making art. Outside of art, I love nachos, hip -op (but real hip-hop like Tribe, Nas, B.I.G.) reading self-help books and hanging with my tiny humans having dance parties.

Describe your handmade business

I started by making gifts for friends, then they would order gifts for their friends and it kept growing from there. I’ve done a lot of hand lettering, papercutting, painting and quilling. It’s only been about a year that I’ve been quilling hardcore but it’s fun to see how much I’ve changed in just a year. I like to call myself a Rebel Quiller because I don’t use it in the traditional form. Normally quilling is under glass or on paper (greeting card). I like it on wood, mixing the fragile with the strong surface and I love to fill the surface with lots of details and texture. To me, it’s more like a medium like painting with paper.

What is one of your most favorite items you have made?

I think my first United States that I made. It won the National Mod Podge Day award!

You have a graphic design background – how has this influenced your quilled art?

Graphic design is a constant form of inspiration for me. It’s also a good reminder for me that sometimes less is more. I tend to over complicate or want to add more and more – graphic design definitely helps me with refinement and editing.

What are your most essential tools?

I love, love, love Sharpie fine tip pens in black only, 5 x 7 Strathmore sketchbook, my slotted tool for quilling, headphones and caffeine.

What advice would you have given yourself five years ago?

Don’t let the internet comparisons crush your dreams. There will always be someone better but there will never be another you!

What would you say to someone who is interested in taking their handmade business more full time?

There will be more failure than success but if you love it, just keep pushing. It’s not easy or comfortable to follow your dream. Surround yourself with a supportive community and ask for help!!

What can our community do to support you as a maker and artist?

Social media shout outs, go to each others’ shows, share experiences and processes. Fargo has been amazing, so keep on doing what you’re doing Fargo!

Catch Christina with @See_Lang_Design on all social media platforms. She is also teaching the art of quilling during some upcoming Late Night Craft Parties that you can find at!

Photos courtesy of See Lang Design

Written by Ashley Morken

Ashley Morken is the owner of Unglued, a modern handmade gift shop featuring over 300 local and regional makers in downtown Fargo. She also a founding member of the Creative Mornings Fargo committee.

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