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Stronger Together: Local Charities And Nonprofits Share Their Favorite Causes

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In addition to supporting their own causes, the charities and nonprofits in our area also adamantly champion for their peer’s successes. We asked these organizations involved in Giving Hearts Day what other causes in town they admire and why.

Red River Dance serves so many other nonprofits, and its dance instructors have been providing free, weekly dance classes for our kids, who will perform with the other dancers in an annual recital. This is a benefit many of our kids would not have without their affiliation with Jeremiah Program and it’s a tremendous gift to our kids.” – Coiya Tompkins, Jeremiah Program

TNT shares space within our building with the Anne Carlsen Center and Haley’s Hope. Both of these organizations work with some of the same individuals who also benefit from services at TNT. We are lucky to be able to share space and a common goal with these two organizations of helping individuals overcome obstacles.” – Kim Pladson, TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics

“I really admire the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center. We have the unique perspective of working with some of the people who have been helped out by the RACC and get to see the tremendous job that they do in not only helping people escape dangerous situations, but helping people rebuilding their lives as well.” – Pete Christopher, Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity

“I like that New Life Center‘s mission is to move the homeless and needy to a place of self-sufficiency. That is so important in order to grow self-confidence to break the cycle of poverty and make it on his or her own.” – Jill Morsch, American Diabetes Association Camp Sioux

“The community that we live in provides so much care and support through its nonprofits. Because of this, our Oak Grove Elementary classes each choose a nonprofit to support throughout the year. Charities the elementary supports include: Ronald McDonald House, tied with love for Sanford Children’s Hospital, Cards for Veterans, Project Ignite for Light. Our middle school and high school holds a Day of Service; they are involved in Fill the Dome and the PaY philanthropy program. Service to others is a large part of our students education and our mission.” – Shellie Simonson Ulven, Oak Grove Lutheran School

“As the premier incubator for non-profits in the High Plains, the Impact Foundation is at the cutting edge of charity brainpower, ideation and technology. We’re totally biased, of course, because we came out of there. But, for us, that’s just the proof in the pudding.” – Peter Schultz, Longspur Prairie Fund

“We admire Hope Blooms. [Kelly Krenzel] has such a great heart and is so happy every time I see her. What a great way to serve and bring joy to the community!” – Lauren Hutton, Unseen

“We admire that every day Churches United for the Homeless helps homeless individuals at their lowest point and provides them a hot meal, a shower and safe space. We admire that they follow a housing first model when working with homeless individuals.” – Kari Flaagan, Youthworks

“We have a special admiration for non-profits that we directly partner with and provide supplies to. The Haiti Medical Mission is special to HERO because of our close relationship over the years. They purchase pallets of surgical supplies from HERO every year for their trip to Haiti to perform life-changing surgeries. HERO’s operations director Georgia Dufault has been a member of the mission team for 12 years and accompanies them for a week in January. We are proud to partner with the Haiti Medical Mission for Giving Hearts Day this year.” – Bridget Ertelt, HERO

Unseen. They know their work is important, but they don’t get to directly see the people impacted by their work every single day. To continue to stay motivated by the need alone, when they don’t necessarily have direct access to the people they are impacting, is inspiring.” – Maureen Bartelt, Wellspring for the World

“One nonprofit that we greatly admire is the North Dakota Autism Center. We had the pleasure of working closely with them to create our Sensory Friendly programming, which aims to increase access to and inclusion in the arts for our community’s children and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and other sensory, social and cognitive disabilities. Their team was incredibly helpful, ensuring that our team was well-educated and offering support at every step of the process. Their dedication to their mission and the people and families they serve inspires us to continue fighting for our mission and serving our community to the best of our ability.” – Eloise Breikjern, Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre

“I really admire Hope Inc. Just like dance, sports and other recreational activities are so important for overall health and wellbeing. I admire their inclusive and inspirational programs that show people, especially children, that there are no limits to what they can strive for and what they can be.” – Matt Gasper, FM Ballet

“I admire all of the arts organizations in the FM area. They are our partners in crime and all work extremely hard to keep their organizations thriving! They each bring a unique and interesting voice to the arts community and help to keep Fargo-Moorhead such an exciting place to live. I know I personally would not have moved back to Fargo after having lived for years in larger cities (Boston, Minneapolis) had there not been so much offered here in terms of the arts. It was a big reason I was willing to relocate and am happy that I did! I keep discovering new things every week that I didn’t know existed here.” – Shirley Leiphon, Fargo Moorhead Opera

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“I really admire Adam Martin of the F5 Project. It’s not easy to publicly share your failures, let alone overcome them and turn them into something that literally changes lives.” – Karen Berntson, Junior Achievement

The Gladys Ray Shelter and Veterans Drop-In Center because they embrace the same philosophy that everyone is ready for housing and that it is a basic human right and a necessary first step for people to make positive changes in their lives.” – Cheri Gerken, Presentation Partners in Housing

“At PATH, we particularly admire agencies that focus on work with kids and their families who have suffered from traumatic experiences, like the Child Advocacy Center, the YWCA and Imagine Thriving. These agencies are great advocates who understand the impact trauma can have and the benefits of trauma-informed care.” – Sonja Stang, PATH

The Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for families dealing with medical issues. It is one less thing families need to worry about during a very stressful time in their lives.” – Carla Gross, NDSU School of Nursing

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