Health & Wellness Spotlight: Play Isn’t Just For Kids

by on Apr 12, 2017

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” — Albert Einstein

Throughout generations, play has inspired us to evolve, create and invent. Play is the reason most inventors, big and small, have accidentally stumbled across something that changed and shaped the world as we know it.

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However, throughout generations, we’ve also lost sight of the importance of playing–of imagining a world of endless possibilities and the necessity of stepping out of the ordinary, the mundane and the everyday tasks to explore in a playful, carefree way.

As Einstein so brilliantly states, imagination is the key to creating, growing and moving forward. It always has been and always will be. So why is it that most adults have no playdates scheduled in their planner and have to rack their brain to come up with the last time they let loose and played unapologetically? Here are four reasons you, as a responsible adult, are required to find time to play.


Play provides a safe, risk-free environment to create without judgement. This is where the most creative ideas and visions come to life for adults. Often, we are so restricted by rules or guidelines that our creativity is capped or not even welcome. When an adult gets lost in “play,” curiosity is cultivated. This could lead to a new discovery, such as passion for a new hobby or interest. Play also presents opportunities to creatively solve problems.


Social interaction and bonding is an essential and basic human need. When we are shut up, say in our office, secluded for hours, days or weeks, we lose out on the benefits of basic human interaction. This can provide laughter, physical touch, the use of a wide range of emotions, the opportunity for compassion and the exchange of love.

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As children, we do most things in groups. This is where we cultivate an appreciation for a community. This admiration doesn’t stop once we become an adult because we still find satisfaction, a need and desire to belong to a likeminded tribe. Play provides us with an opportunity to interact with others and build our social connection, and no, I didn’t say social media connection. I’m talking about the face-to-face kind.


Laughter has been proven to uplift anyone’s mood and many times, laughter comes easily when you are joking and playing around. Playing and laughing without expectations or an agenda releases endorphins in our body. These are your “happy hormones,” the good guys, that give you a boost of overall well-being and happiness. Endorphins go up and stress goes down.


Not to come off rude, but if you aren’t taking time to play, you may be boring your friends and family. As adults, if we get so wrapped up in work and we don’t take time to fully step away from it, we begin to lose interest and excitement in it. If we lack cultivating that interest and excitement elsewhere in our lives, say playing, we can lose our sense of intrigue and become a bit dull. So, for the sake of your loved ones, please play and reawaken the interesting person that’s dying to make an appearance.

Best Places To Get Your Play Fix

Sky Zone

Trampoline Park
940 40th St. S, Fargo

Woodlawn Park

Disc Golf/Frolf course
400 Woodlawn Drive, Moorhead


Pick up some adult coloring books
610 Main Ave., Fargo

Escape Room

Live-action mystery game room
2220 Main Ave. E., West Fargo

Thunder Road

Go karts, bumper cars, batting cage, mini golf, laser tag
2902 Thunder Road S, Fargo