Get Lost In Fargo With This Great Local Clothing Line

by on May 12, 2016


Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography

You might tell someone to “get lost” when you want them to go away, but in this context, it’s more about staying true to your roots and rediscovering home.

Nels Hunstad with Lost in Fargo Clothing in a downtown Fargo alleyway

Nels Hunstad – Owner/Operator of Lost in Fargo

Nels Hunstad is the owner and operator of Lost in Fargo, a locally made clothing line that works to represent Fargo-Moorhead and cultivate a deeper love for it. After 12 years of managing a Moorhead-based company that creates promotional products, Hunstad took his love for screen printing and art and translated it into products that the Fargo-Moorhead community can embrace.

“I really have enjoyed exploring Fargo, and I’m really into the screen printing and clothing thing. I wanted a shirt that represented Fargo, but I wanted a cool vintage look. So we played around with those ideas and it just kept growing and blooming,” said Hunstad.

Launched in the fall of 2015, Lost in Fargo has seen rapid growth with the support of the community and local retailers. Aside from being sold in local stores after a short amount of time, the company has been holding events and forming pop-up shops around town to get the word out. And the great part about the clothing line is that there is something new on a regular basis.

“We have an online store that has unique products, which can only be found online. We’re trying to keep our collections with our retailers or with our store. And from one pop- up to the next, you’re going to find completely new products,” explained Hunstad.

But the meaning of Lost in Fargo goes far beyond a vintage shirt with a logo on it. Hunstad explained that the concept of the clothing line has spurred him to get out of the house and explore the city he grew up in, whether that’s finding a new street or discovering a new part of town. The word “lost” has a more positive and impactful meaning in this company’s context.

“The thing that I’m discovering with Lost in Fargo is the whole notion of being from another town and coming here but feeling lost. But there is something like this that can help express that in a way,” said Hunstad. “That’s the fun part about apparel. You can be walking down the sidewalk and see someone’s shirt and it can really affect you. We’re trying to have a positive impact with that and make stuff that helps people uplift themselves and stay true to their roots.”

Hunstad plans to have more events and get more involved with the community this summer and is in the works with giving Lost in Fargo its own home in a studio and shop space. That way, clothing can be produced more frequently and the company can branch out into making art and unique gifts.

Lost in Fargo represents exploration and love for the city, no matter who you are or how long you’ve been here. It’s about time to start flaunting that in style.


Lost in Fargo clothing on the ground

Lost in Fargo cycles through new designs on a regular basis, so you always have the option to get something unique. Currently, you can buy merchandise online, at all local and regional Kittsona locations, Broadway Shoe Co. and at both local Halberstadt’s locations.