Kylee Seifert

Health & Wellness Spotlight: The Sweetest Kind Of Evil

by Kylee Seiferton Feb 21, 2017
Ah, sugar! Sweet, beloved sugar. Hands down, it’s the sweetest kind of evil. Health and lifestyle coach Kylee Seifert tells the ugly truth behind sugar.

New Years Resolution

2017 New Year’s Resolutions Guide For Fargo-Moorhead

by Erica Rappon Jan 10, 2017
Roughly 1 in 3 people won't even last 31 days with their resolutions. Will you let yourself be a part of this statistic? We took some of the more common types of resolutions and gave some local suggestions for making them happen in 2017. Good luck, and remember not to give up after January.

Fargo Monthly March 2017

kylee seifert portrait

Health & Wellness Spotlight: Intuition, Passion & Giving Your Fear the Middle Finger

by Kylee Seiferton Jan 3, 2017
Health and lifestyle coach Kylee Seifert talks about taking risks to pursue your passion in life, and also talks to two other local business owners who took leaps of faith to bring their ultimate dreams and careers to life.

Meal Prep Recipes and ingredients

Health & Wellness Spotlight: Meal Prep Success In 10 Ingredients

by Kylee Seiferton Dec 2, 2016
Ashley Sornsin and Kylee Seifert made meal prepping easy with six recipes that only use ten ingredients. That’s right, only ten. They slimmed the grocery list down to just a few ingredients so that you can spend the newfound time taking care of the hustle and bustle of the holidays and, more importantly, get some extra family time in the mix.

Ramada Plaza Fargo Chef Gala

Swanson Health Products Food Labels

Health & Wellness Spotlight: Uncovering Food Labels

by Kylee Seiferton Nov 14, 2016
Food marketing companies have become cunningly clever in recent years at using labels to coerce you into buying a certain item. They use newfound buzz words to make it seem like something that might be healthier for you. Kylee Seifert uncovered the hidden lies and the truth behind all those deceiving food labels. Here is a list of commonly found labels and what they mean.

Cryofacial Glacial Peak Cryotherapy

My Chilling, Yet Invigorating Experience At Glacial Peak Cryotherapy

by Erica Rappon Nov 9, 2016
Welcome to Glacial Peak Cryotherapy, the first of its kind in the area and a place that offers unique services that benefit people of all types and ailments. Fargo Monthly Editor Erica Rapp enlisted the help of her colleagues to try out the different services offered by this new health spa.

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Paul Flessland with his head in the clouds

Health & Wellness Spotlight: 5 Tips For Clearing Your Brain Fog

by Kylee Seiferton Oct 13, 2016
Brain fog is a new-found buzz word that is used for exactly what it sounds like… brain fog, fuzziness, scatterbrained. We’ve all experienced it to some extent—the moment you forgot your new girlfriend’s father’s name or someone you’ve met a handful of times—it’s always a bad time for the clouds to set in.

I am list of affirmations

The Fit Life With Ashley Sornsin: Positive Vibes = Positive Thoughts + Positive Words

by Fargo Monthlyon Sep 27, 2016
This month, Ashley Sornsin meets with Artist Nichole Rae about positive self-talk and doing exercises to get into the habit of daily positive thinking.

Ashley Sornsin - You Are No. 1

The Fit Life With Ashley Sornsin: You Are No. 1!

by Ashley Sornsinon Sep 2, 2016
Life is busy. Just ask anyone around you how they are and more often than not, their answer is "busy." So busy that we often forget to take care of No. 1. Yes, I’m talking about you.

Meat, cheese, and lettuce from Sydney's Health Market in Moorhead

The Fit Life With Ashley Sornsin: How To Build A Fit Picnic

by Ashley Sornsinon May 18, 2016
Local fitness and health guru Ashley Sornsin maps out a great plan for building a fit and healthy picnic this summer.