Shopping and Style guide Fargo

Style + Shopping: 120 Products You Need In Fargo-Moorhead’s Shopping Scene

by Erica Rappon Apr 6, 2017
Ready to look your best and shop 'til you drop? Look no further, because the Fargo-Moorhead shopping scene has got your back, just like your favorite jacket.

New Years Resolution

2017 New Year’s Resolutions Guide For Fargo-Moorhead

by Erica Rappon Jan 10, 2017
Roughly 1 in 3 people won't even last 31 days with their resolutions. Will you let yourself be a part of this statistic? We took some of the more common types of resolutions and gave some local suggestions for making them happen in 2017. Good luck, and remember not to give up after January.

Cryofacial Glacial Peak Cryotherapy

My Chilling, Yet Invigorating Experience At Glacial Peak Cryotherapy

by Erica Rappon Nov 9, 2016
Welcome to Glacial Peak Cryotherapy, the first of its kind in the area and a place that offers unique services that benefit people of all types and ailments. Fargo Monthly Editor Erica Rapp enlisted the help of her colleagues to try out the different services offered by this new health spa.

Rusty nuts american bison - Unglued

Monthly Finds: Knick Knacks

by Fargo Monthlyon Aug 30, 2016
It's no secret that Downtown Fargo is full of unique shops with funky merchandise. We visited a few shops and found a few fun items you might want to have hanging out in your home or office.

Tommy Bahama Sandals from Halberstadts Downtown Fargo

Monthly Finds: For The Guys

by Erica Rappon Jun 24, 2016
Maybe you need some help with your summer outfits or maybe you're looking for a great gift to give that special guy in your life. Whatever your needs are, you'll be able to find plenty of items like these and many more around Downtown Fargo.

Sandals form Fowler's Heritage in Downtown Fargo

Monthly Finds: Summer Vibes

by Erica Rappon May 26, 2016
With warm weather just around the corner, it's about time to start thinking about how you're going to make this the best summer yet. Start by thinking about the essentials you'll need to bring on those summer vibes, such as these great items we found around Downtown Fargo.

Made In Fargo Monthly

Brown Wedge boots from Kittsona

Monthly Finds: Women’s Fashion

by Fargo Monthlyon Mar 22, 2016
Our March issue was dedicated to the great women in our community, we decided to highlight some of the stylish women's fashion that can be found at a few of Downtown Fargo's wonderful boutiques.

Library of Flowers perfume from Zandbroz

Monthly Finds: Gifts Galore

by Erica Rappon Feb 4, 2016
Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and while we definitely don't know your special someone as well as you do, we thought we could still suggest a few great gift ideas from all over Downtown Fargo.

Sweater from Fowler's Heritage

Monthly Finds: Bundle Up

by Erica Rappon Jan 18, 2016
We know it's cold out there. No matter how many times you say you're sick of the cold, it won't go away in this neck of the woods. Here are a few things we found around Downtown Fargo to help you combat the icy chill of our Midwest winter.

Massage Therapy

Massage: More Than Just A Luxury

by Nate Mickelbergon Nov 11, 2015
You often hear it mentioned in the same breath as cucumber peels, paraffin wraps or even mani-pedis. To those who have spent their career studying the science and art of massage, though, it’s about much more than just stress relief.