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Life Writes Fashion: Styling Outside of the Box With leela & lavender

Photos by Hillary Ehlen

Imagine this: let’s say your two best friends are Jill and Laura. What if they came up to you one day and said they’re taking you on the adventure of a lifetime? With over 35 years of combined experience in fashion industry facets such as product development, brand building and merchandising, they have a few key pillars constituting their mission: empowering women, giving back and helping women find true happiness by becoming the best version of themselves. These theoretical best friends of yours, Jill Shea and Laura Polanski, are a duo of fashion gurus who brought their mission to life, embodied by one of Fargo’s newest boutiques, leela & lavender! The creative, innovative, empowering and big-hearted ladies that work here take women on inspiring life and style adventures through personalized, engaging and elevated shopping experiences while accomplishing leela & lavender’s goal of encouraging other women on their journeys of becoming the best version of themselves.

Taylor Markel visited Leela & Lavender
Dark wash or black jeans paired with a patterned top — perfect for work!

Stepping into Leela & Lavender for the first time, my initial reaction was, “WOW. This boutique is everything!” With an inclusive variety of high-quality clothes, shoes and accessories to outfit you for countless occasions, unique (and super gift-able!) merchandise adorned with inspirational words and witty sayings and a wide range of prices, there’s something here for every woman!

Natural lighting, white marble, gold accents, luxurious touches, such as their white marble fireplace, and well-placed decorative greenery (who doesn’t love a good succulent?) paints an accurate picture of the boutique’s welcoming ambiance.

Taylor Markel visited Leela & Lavender
Date night-ready in a suede jacket and jumpsuit.

We’ve all heard “Think outside of the box”, right? I have some tips that can help you “style outside of the box,” so you can create a variety of looks that can easily transition from casual social hangouts, to work and even to a date. A big thank you to leela & lavender for letting me showcase some of their gorgeous merchandise in our shoot for this month’s story! Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Ask yourself, “What haven’t I tried doing with my clothes yet?” Let’s say your workplace allows you to wear professional-looking jeans, black jeans and dark-wash jeans (with no holes!) are usually safe go- tos, and you style them with a pair of grey ankle boots. Take those same jeans and boots to elevate your outfits for social outings, and you can even polish the looks off with a jacket that has a little structure to it. When the time comes for a coffee date, you can layer this same jacket over a dressy jumpsuit you’re rocking, taking your date look to the next level!

Taylor Markel visited Leela & Lavender
Going from work to a social outing? No problem! Keep your bottom half and switch out for cozier tops.

Take a look at the pictures in this style story for examples of how you can get more use out of your favorite pieces and create additional looks from the other clothes already in your wardrobe. The outfit possibilities are endless when you style outside of the box! Check out leela & lavender to have your very own style adventure with their amazing staff of passionate and talented women.

Taylor Markel visited Leela & LavenderDon’t be afraid to be daring in a jumpsuit. Pair with a jacket.

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Written by Taylor Markel

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