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Life Writes Fashion: Have You Found Your Aesthetic?

Photo by Hillary Ehlen

If you’re a Midwesterner, it’s likely that you know the warning signs. Kissing your favorite summer attire goodbye (for now), you begin seriously contemplating buying a one-way plane ticket to somewhere like Costa Rica and you start having flashbacks of that year your car’s auto start stopped working. Ten months out of the year (okay, maybe more like five months) Mother Nature unleashes upon us a treacherous, cold-hearted beast – no, no, no, not Godzilla – winter.

Don’t get salty (well… icy, in this case) about having to stash away your cut-off denim, sunscreen-smooched and sunshine-reminiscent aesthetic. If the look of summer is your absolute favorite and is something that brings you happiness, even though it is gone for now, fret not, because finding your Fall & Winter (F&W) aesthetic can make you JUST as happy… in more ways than one!

Aesthetic. A definition for the term goes like this, “noun: a particular individual’s set of ideas about style and taste, along with its expression.” For finding your F&W aesthetic, it’s important to consider the following:

– Discover what you’re naturally drawn to (24/7 sweatpants and a hoodie or a grey jeans, flannel shirt, black snow boots and a fuzzy scarf ensemble?)

– What makes you feel happy when you wear it (fitted sweaters or flowy, over-sized sweaters?)

– What do you enjoy visually (vibrantly colored sweaters or cozy, oatmeal-colored sweaters?)

– What do you simply enjoy (luxurious, faux-fur winter coats or a warm, camel peacoat with a plaid scarf?)

By knowing your answers to these types of questions, you can more easily discover your F&W aesthetic, which, in turn, can help you bring more of what makes you happy (like how your summer aesthetic does) into your life. Your aesthetic is part of you and who you are as an individual. It’s your look, your taste, your style. Remember, “look good, feel good.” That doesn’t change just because F&W rolls around.

You can use your aesthetic to make YOU look and feel good, but also your environment (for example, your home décor) can look good and make you feel good when you’re in it. Your aesthetic is a personal representation and expression of you and what makes you happy!

It’s good to keep in mind that your aesthetic will likely grow and change as you do – and that’s okay! At my current point in life, I’d describe my own aesthetic as natural, earthy tones, outdoorsy-inspired, warm, neutral colors with a soft simplicity and slight urban hint. Every piece of clothing and décor in the accompanied photo of this story are from my own room, and the correlation between them is quite noticeable. Knowing my aesthetic, seeing it around me, wearing it and even embodying it (I love being immersed in nature) truly brings me a special joy. My fun challenge for you? Find your aesthetic if you don’t already know it! Not quite sure where to begin? No problem. Head to for a guide I made for you titled: “What’s YOUR Aesthetic? Let’s Find Out!”

In the spirit of Thanksgiving (though I encourage us all to be thankful and grateful every day of the year), I’d like to tell you that I’m thankful for you, and I wish you happiness, health, safety and the discovery of your aesthetic this holiday season! See you in next month’s issue!

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Written by Taylor Markel

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