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5 Tips For The Perfect Impromptu Picnic

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Picnic Tips with Popeyes

Ahhh picnics! Even the word “​picnic”​ is infused with delight. Images of red and white checkered blankets, sunlight filtering through puffy cumulus clouds, perhaps a curious trail of ants eyeing the treats spread out to eat. As spring and summer warm their way back into Fargo-Moorhead, it’s best to always be prepared for the perfect picnic. Here’s a few spur-of-the-moment picnic prep tips so you’re ready to enjoy those blue sky days!

#1 Keep a blanket in your car

A good rule of thumb in life is to be prepared for a picnic at all times. Keeping a blanket in your car is a great way to do this. We recommend a big thick quilt, knit lovingly by the women at your church. (Classic). Don’t forget it should be something that can handle some grass and dirt!

#2 Invite someone you love

All things are better when shared, and perhaps picnics most of all. Invite a friend or a first date or your spouse of 45 years. Picnics are wonderful treats for everyone alike, and they’re a great way to enjoy the outdoors, eat local food and see Fargo’s many beautiful parks.

#3 Know your parks

When planning the perfect picnic a nice, grassy, flat space with lots of sunlight is ideal. Here’s a few widespread suggestions (out of the MANY parks in Fargo-Moorhead):

  • Downtown Fargo, Island Park: Fargo’s Island Park offers great picnic material with long, open green space along 7th St S, as well as shaded tree area within the park. There’s even tables if you prefer a tabled picnic, as well as a swimming pool, tennis, and basketball courts, and a playground for picnic entertainment.
  • North Fargo, Mickelson Field: Situated alongside the Red River, this large open green space has plenty of picnic-ready places along with a bike path, to boot.
  • West Fargo, Rabanus Park: A vast green space with native prairie grassland along 42nd Street South, this park has the space needed for a picnic along with a grill, sand volleyball court, community garden, even a shelter in case those rainy cloud decide to make it a water party picnic. (Bonus: right across the street is Petro Travel Center where you can pick up some delicious picnic food. Keep reading.)

#4 Eats and treats

When there’s no time to lose and hot food is a must. Get something to-go from somewhere you trust. We’re not talking about just any to-go food, but good to-go food. The kind that is fresh and will meet the standards of picnic perfection. May we suggest Popeye’s Bonafide Family Meal*? ‘Cause you just can’t go wrong with scrumptious chicken and biscuits, and truthfully, they deserve to be eaten in the good ol’ outdoors. Swing by Popeye’s at Petro Travel Stop, off of I-29 and 45th, and you’re picnic-READY.

*The Bonafide Family Meal is the ultimate picnic feast, with 16 pieces of juicy chicken, three large signature sides and eight buttery biscuits. You decide if you want spicy or mild or mix it up! We suggest coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, maybe some fries, too. Don’t forget the sweet tea to wash it all down.

#5 Don't forget dessert

Bring along your favorite dessert to wrap up the meal! If you’re at Popeye’s you can always try their Oreo Cheesecake (we won’t tell you how dangerously good it is, you just have to try it). Otherwise some personal favorites include chocolate-covered strawberries, a frozen cheesecake you can thaw while you eat, or a bar of dark chocolate to split into squares.

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