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How To Be A Charity Champion + Quiz!

Courtesy of Impact Foundation and Dakota Medical Foundation

You can make a tremendous impact where you are. Your friends, family, faith community or coworkers can dramatically brighten the lives of others by becoming Giving Hearts Day Charity Champions.

A Giving Hearts Day “Champion” ignites others to experience the joy of giving by following an easy schedule of activities to help great causes raise more for their missions!

To get started as a Charity Champion, just follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Text Count Me to 345345 to email

Step 2: Check your email for your welcome message and helpful resources

Step 3: Recruit two or more people to join you as a Charity Champion, and follow the schedule below to join the wave of generosity.

Charity champion calendar

More Ways To Be A Giving Heart On Giving Hearts Day

1. Invite others to become a Charity Champion

Text or email a similar message to friends:

“You have come to my mind as someone who would also enjoy helping others. I have signed up to be a Charity Champion for Giving Hearts Day. My goal is to spread the opportunity to support causes like [organization/s] and spread the joy of giving. I invite you to join in supporting my cause or another cause that speaks to your heart on the largest giving day in the region, during which all donations to participating charities are matched by $4,000 or more by generous supporters. To join, text CountMe to 345345 or email”

2. Involve your business in the Giving Hearts Spirit

Providing opportunities to contribute to charitable causes in the workplace is proven to increase employee engagement and performance, as well as improve the overall culture of an organization.

There are numerous options from small to large to get involved with helping causes on Giving Hearts Day. There is marketing support to raise the awareness of your business as a giving one, gift card opportunities, employee match giving and much more.

To get your business involved with making a difference for charities through Giving Hearts Day, contact Jenny Davis at or 701-238-6319.

3. Sponsor a classroom

Consider sponsoring a classroom as an individual, a volunteer team (such as a service club or church) or a business. This program invites you to purchase a $10 gift card for each student in the class (approximately $200 total). Each student will get to experience the joy of giving through service or by being taught about generosity and supporting our neighbors and those that need us.

To sponsor a classroom, contact Jenny Davis at or 701-238-6319

Discovering Your Giving Heart Quiz

Want to help but need some extra guidance on what direction to take? There are countless ways to be a Giving Heart, but broadly speaking, there are four potential possibilities for how someone feels when contributing to a cause. Take this quiz and tally up your results to find out what kind of Giving Heart you are! Most of us are a blend of all four types, but this assessment will help identify the central way in which you feel the most fulfilled when contributing your time and talent.

The Four Giving Hearts

To provide further clarity about how you like to contribute and to help align you to opportunities of service that will be the most impactful for both a charity and yourself, learn ore about the four types of Giving Hearts.

1. The Appreciator

Your Motto: Make everyone feel like someone!

As an encourager you play a central role in keeping everyone motivated and inspired.

Your heart for helping others is through the gift of lifting up others. You have a knack for noticing both the little and the big things that others are doing to help improve the world around us and the talent of making others feel good for their efforts. Your kind words and acts help the community to grow through your ability to make people feel included and appreciated.

Without your involvement and encouragement, many causes would never have been started or would not make it to the end. Your encouragement and support moves others to action and keeps them going in challenging times.

Remember, your joy will come from sincerely sharing words of appreciation and encouragement. When you feel the nudge to reach out to someone for their efforts, you are helping tremendously by giving others a spring in their step and the desire to keep moving forward.

2. The Advocate

Your Motto: Sharing is caring!

As an ambassador and connector you play a central role in enlarging the circle of awareness and support.

Your heart for helping others is through a gift of sharing and connecting people. You have a knack for activating others and bringing passion to energize people and purposes that resonate with you. You excel at raising awareness and cultivating connections that lead to others being activated and involved in important causes.

Without you, many causes would not get off the ground or would plateau. Your ability to rev others up with your passion and enthusiasm is the wind in sails that helps leaders and organizations to meet and exceed their visions.

Remember, you experience greater fulfillment and joy by standing for a cause and spreading the word about it. When your passion is ignited by a leader or purpose, please don’t hold back and help the world to know about the wonderful things that are happening.

3. The Achiever

Your Motto: Time to move from talk to tasks!

As a doer, you play a central role in making sure the things are getting done and that things will happen.

Your heart for helping others is through the gift of managing and completing tasks to move things along. You have a knack for getting things and ensuring there is action. Your ability to sense when it’s time to move from talk to tasks and make decisions ensures projects do not get stalled and that goals come to fruition.

Without you, many causes would simply not happen. Your ability to move to action and get steps completed is of utmost importance for achieving any vision.

Remember, you experience greater fulfillment and joy when you contribute to making sure all the details are covered and things are moving forward. What’s more, you make everyone around you better as well. Moving into action and getting things accomplished makes all of our hearts glad. So, when you feel the pull that things are too slow, please speak up, pitch in and help lead the effort from paused to progress.

4. The Architect

Your Motto: Plan in progress!

As a planner or strategist, you play a central role in making sure all the pieces fit together and are going to work.

You have a heart for helping others through your gift of seeing the big picture and how to utilize resources to move needles forward. You have a knack for visualizing how things work together and you possess the ability to connect the right tools with the right person to get the right thing accomplished. Your efforts provide a framework that is needed for the actions of others to accomplish a goal.

Without you, many causes would not be possible. Your gift of developing an overall plan is essential in turning a vision into reality and is often how an effort is started or becomes installed.

Remember, your joy will come from helping to conduct people and resources to a positive impact. When you feel the tug that “there is a better way” or an urge to plan something out more for charitable cause, please follow through. You will be ensuring that efforts are impactful and it will lead to the uncovering of new opportunities and knowledge that can help to overcome challenges and make a great impact.

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