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Health & Wellness Spotlight: 8 Tips & Tricks For A Healthy Winter Vacation

Photo courtesy of Kylee Seifert

‘Tis the season of escaping from the cold, dreary weather of winter turning into spring in the Midwest. That means most people are flying to and from warmer destinations. The last thing you want to happen when you’re traveling is to wind up with a travel bug. Trust me, been there, done that and learned my lesson. Here are eight easy and effective tips for staying healthy while enjoying your vacation.

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1. Sleep, sleep, sleep!
While there is so much to do, see, taste, drink and experience when traveling somewhere new, don’t cut into the vital task of snoozing. Avoid getting up early and staying up late. This will only compromise your immune system and wear you out, leaving your body vulnerable to any nastiness that might be floating around. Try for eight hours – or maybe even more when traveling – to ensure your immune system continues to function at 100 percent.

2. Devote time to moving + stretching!
Shoot to get at least 15 minutes of moving and stretching per day. Maybe a brisk walk, jog, a swim or even visiting the gym wherever you are staying. It doesn’t need to be a long workout, but something quick to get your heart rate elevated will do. Here’s one to do without equipment and anywhere.

Workout: 4 rounds of…
20 squats
15 sit-ups
10 burpees
5 push-ups
1-minute plank

3. Moderation is Key!
While you are on vacation and most likely enjoying some adult beverages, keep in mind that moderation is key. You most definitely deserve a few enjoyable drinks while traveling but don’t overdo it. Again, this only puts your immune system at risk and strips you of rejuvenating sleep. Even more so, stay away from drinks loaded with sugar and mixed boozes. Shoot for something light and containing only one type of alcohol. My go-to is a “NorCal Margarita.” (See recipe below.) When it comes to food, try splitting options with your co-travelers and opt for fresh fruits, veggies and salads when possible.

NorCal Recipe:
3 oz. silver tequila
Juice from one lime
A dash of sea salt
Fill glass with ice
Pour in soda water (NOT TONIC WATER)
Stir and enjoy!

4. Play!
Enjoy your time away and try to “check out” and play. Research something fun and different to do in the area. Try to disconnect from electronics and be present in the new locale. Let yourself be goofy and challenge yourself to meet new people and hear their stories.

5. Kick the inflammation!
Opt for natural anti-inflammatory aids like ginger tea and essential oils to keep you healthy. These are easy to travel with and work like a charm. I like to bring my own ginger tea and ask for hot water wherever I go. I’ll sip on this and sometimes even add a lemon to help my digestion stay normal. Try ginger, lavender, oregano, peppermint and other anti-inflammatory blends while you’re vacationing to keep your immune system functioning well.

6. Hydrate like it’s your job.
Too often, we go about our travels and forget to drink water throughout the day. When you’re traveling (especially on an airplane), it’s important to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water to rid your body of any toxins. It’s also a great idea to drink electrolytes throughout the trip. Here’s an easy recipe that you can make anywhere.

16 oz. Water
1 tsp. Sea salt
1-2 tbsp. Stevia or maple syrup
Lemon juice to taste
Lime juice to taste
Mix together and enjoy!

7. Probiotics + Vitamins.
Probiotics and sticking to your normal vitamin routine is essential when you’re traveling and enjoying your vacation. Keeping your gut happy will keep your body happy and in turn, make for happy memories. Be sure to pack all the vitamins you need for the trip and opt for probiotics before, during and after traveling.

8. Pack healthy snacks.
Always pick up some healthy snacks to pack for the trip. This way, if you are in a bind, you have a backup option. Easy snacks include gluten-free granola, seaweed strips, jerky, veggies, dark chocolate, coconut chips and guacamole packs.

Kylee Seifert

Written by Kylee Seifert

Kylee Seifert is a certified personal trainer, certified primal nutrition coach, certified transformational coach and a health and wellness coach. She has been in the health and fitness industry for eight years and has become an established expert in the field. Her holistic business is centered around balancing fitness, nutrition and mindset mastery. Find her on social media: Instagram: @ kyleeseifert_wellness, Facebook: Kylee Seifert Wellness Coaching,

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