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Health & Wellness Spotlight: Staying Healthy On A Weekend Getaway

Photo by Hillary Ehlen

Weekend getaways are great for the body, mind and soul! Plus, they are a quick commitment, both timewise and financially, and can really improve your health… as long as you don’t over indulge during the entire getaway.

Let’s chat about quick and easy tips to keep in mind to ensure you avoid gut rot, exhaustion and end up feeling like you need a vacation from your mini-getaway.

#1 Prioritize Movement

Research the area you’re heading to and look for something active to do. Maybe some hiking, swimming, biking or kayaking. Make it a priority to schedule this into your weekend. Even just a walk in nature can do wonders for your body. If you’re going somewhere that doesn’t provide some of these opportunities, find a way to pack fitness into your bag. Try packing a resistance band, a couple small weights or even a yoga mat. Then you can get some movement in at least one of the days you are away.

#2 Rise & Shine with Exercise

You’re on a quick getaway, no need to waste away the day trying to exercise. Get your booty out of bed early and move around before the events of the day start. This will ensure it doesn’t get missed and you’ll be more apt to make better choices throughout your day.

#3 Look for a Kitchen & Grill

When you are planning where to stay during your getaway, try to find a spot with a kitchen and a grill. Not only will this save your pocketbook, but it will also save your waistline too. When you have a kitchen and grill, you’ll be able to buy your own groceries and cook the meals yourself. You’ll then be less likely to splurge or eat something that you’ll end up paying for physically, mentally, and financially.

#4 Pack the Cooler

If you’re driving to your getaway, pack a cooler and stuff it full of healthy meals and snacks. This will take a little pre-prepping and planning but you’ll be glad you did when you feel great and have the energy for enjoy your trip.

#5 Go Overboard on Water

Drink water like it’s your weekend job. Even if you’re driving, your body will thank you if you chug-a-lug the whole way. Plus, you’ll probably be spending more time outside so it’ll be worth keeping yourself hydrated so you feel amazing during your getaway. Bring a water bottle everywhere with you and if you’re enjoying some adult beverages, have a glass of water alongside.

#6 Avoid the Sweets

You’ll have a sweet enough time getting away, you shouldn’t need to add any sugar on top. Try to keep the sugar to a minimum. Think of all your getaway meals as if you are eating at home. Of course you can allow yourself to splurge a tad bit here and there. But keep it mindful and avoid letting it roll from breakfast over to lunch and into dinner.

#7 Bring the Remedies

Pack a bag of natural remedies for things like cuts, burns and germs. A natural salve, a non-toxic hand sanitizer and essential oils like lavender and oregano are must haves when you’re on a weekend getaway.

#8 Go with the Flow & Unplug

Let the weekend unfold and don’t stress the little details. Allow yourself to be present and enjoy each moment and whatever it brings. Focus on what brings you pleasure and you’ll find the weekend to be rejuvenating and satisfying. Allow yourself to unplug while you’re away. Leave your phone behind and your computer at home. It’s only a weekend and the world will survive without you.

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Written by Kylee Seifert

Kylee Seifert is a certified personal trainer, certified primal nutrition coach, certified transformational coach and a health and wellness coach. She has been in the health and fitness industry for eight years and has become an established expert in the field. Her holistic business is centered around balancing fitness, nutrition and mindset mastery. Find her on social media: Instagram: @ kyleeseifert_wellness, Facebook: Kylee Seifert Wellness Coaching,

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