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Top 5 haunted places in Fargo-Moorhead

The FM Paranormal is dedicated to finding what goes bump in the night. This group has been around since 2007 and has conducted several investigations to supposedly haunted places around Fargo-Moorhead. We sat down with FM Paranormal founder, Charles Dosh, to discuss the five most haunted places in Fargo-Moorhead. Go ahead, read on…If you dare. (Mwahahaha)

Note: You need proper permission to explore these places. We left out the addresses of all private residences intentionally. Always seek permission before conducting any search for the paranormal.

1. Haunted Farm South of Moorhead
Everyone knows that this haunted farm puts on a good show for visitors around Halloween. However, few know that some of the real terror takes place when everyone goes home. According to Dosh, there used to be a train stop there and the house used to be a brothel. An unknown number of people died there in the past, including many children and according to Dosh, there are still a number of unmarked graves throughout the farm.

A few years ago, Dosh and his team investigated the farm along with WDAY. He reported that while they were filming they heard footsteps on the floor above them although nobody else was in the house. While Dosh was sitting with another investigator he said, “Tonight’s going to be a bust. I hope something happens.” At that exact moment, the table lifted up.

2. Trollwood Park
Again, according to Dosh, there used to be a Pioneer cemetary at Trollwood Park but as of recently they’ve began to pull up the graves because of flooding. Whenever you begin disturbing gravesites, there will be a lot more paranormal activity. (Hey, we wouldn’t like our eternal resting spots disturbed either.)

When FM Paranormal went out there they captured many EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenonmenons.) Some of the things they’ve captured on the EVPs include: Somebody saying, “Get out of here,” somebody whispering, “I can be famous” and when they were talking about people calling 911 they heard a girl say, “I didn’t call them.”

3. South Fargo Home
This house was FM Paranormal’s first investigation in 2007. The house was abandoned because both of the owners had just died. One of the relatives of the passed away owners was with them. While they were there they picked up an EVP of something saying that relative’s name. They also have a video of one of the investigators, who was wearing a cross around his neck; the cross began to rise on its own. They don’t know a lot of the history behind the house but they do know that the wife died in the hospital and a year later, almost to the day, the husband died.

4. Troy Dayton Residence in North Fargo
This is one of the more famous cases in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Troy Dayton was a DJ for Y94 who always insisted that his home was haunted. Dayton, FM Paranormal and Y94 DJ, Rat, teamed up to investigate his home. Before FM Paranormal investigated his home Dayton recorded noises that sounded like the music from an old ferris wheel. Once Dosh and his team began investigating, they discovered that Fargo’s old fairgrounds used to be where his house is located. They captured EVPs of the spritis saying their name and other things that will haunt your dreams.

5. Ceres Hall at NDSU
Ceres Hall is one of the most haunted places in Fargo-Moorhead. However, it’s important to remember that it is not open to the public. According to Dosh, there was a matron of the girls’ dorm who didn’t want any boys sneaking in or girls sneaking out so she nailed the windows shut. There was a then fire that killed two girls. Another story is that there was a girl upstairs who hung herself because of bad grades. Finally, there’s another story that there was a janitor whose wife had cheated on him so he cheated on his wife with another woman. That guilt drove him crazy until he finally killed himself in the basement.

When Dosh and his team of investigators were exploring the basement, he experienced something that, to this day, freaks him out. “The most creeped out I’ve ever been is when I felt the hands on the back of me in Ceres Hall. It felt like somebody ran up behind me and pushed me. The strength was unreal.” The list of strange things that happened in Ceres Hall doesn’t end there though. Dosh’s 14-year-old son investigated Ceres Hall with them. While they were down in the basement his son began to be choked. When they ran upstairs, they could still see the fingerprints around his neck. Whatever is in Ceres Hall, it’s certainly a reason not to wander there alone at night.

For more information on FM Paranormal and to listen to some of the EVPs talked about in this article, go to

Top 5 costume shops:

1. Spirit Halloween
When Spirit Halloween graces 13th Avenue with its playful yet spooky presence, there is no denying that the ghosts, goblins and vampires will soon be crawling in the night. Get in early to pick up this year’s most creative costume before the shelves clear and all that’s left is an M&M costume similar to the one your grandma made you in the second grade.
444 13th Ave. SW., Fargo

2. Fantasy’s
Fantasy’s offers most than just attire for a scantily clad occasion. Stop by to check out their wide selection of cutesy costumes. Alright, who are we trying to fool, these costumes still show a decent amount of skin. So if you choose to pick up your costume here, you may want to cross your fingers for a warm All Hallows’ Eve.
2512 7th Ave S., Fargo

3. Applause
For those creative minds that like to style up a DIY costume, check out Applause. They have a wide variety of anything needed to create the perfect, unique ensemble. With so much to choose from, you may find enough pieces to put together two outfits. Since the holiday falls in the middle of the week, two costumes just might be appropriate… one for the weekend before and one for the weekend to follow. Feel free to go wild.
788 2nd Ave S, Moorhead

4. Savers
If you’re looking for a costume on a dime, this is the place for you. Savers has hundreds of costumes, accessories and make up. Whether you want to be a Steampunk bad a$$ chick or Captain America, they have you covered. Have you always felt that little Fido is left out during Halloween? Well it’s time to get him involved in the festivities. Savers even offers costumes for your pet. You can now turn Fido into Yoda Fido.
1623 38th St. SW. Fargo

5. Party City
Not exactly sure what to dress up as this Halloween? Party City has costumes for kids from ages one to 100. After all, no on is ever to old to dress up like a princess, superhero, or to go trick-or-treating (at least, according to our beliefs.) At the same time, snag a new Frankenstein statue for the front yard, some candy for the spooky visitors, and best of all- you can even pick up a fog machine to really get into the holiday spirit.
4340 13th Ave. S, Fargo, ND

Top 5 Fargo costumes

1. Marge Gunderson from “Fargo”
Coen brother’s sure depicted our home sweet home spot on in their hit dark comedy, “Fargo,” OK, maybe not so much. However, they did leave us with unforgettable characters like, Marge Gunderson. The quirky chief of police with a bun in the oven. So strap on a belly, throw on a bomber hat and a navy blue parka, find an overly thick pair of mittens, pin on a star badge and most importantly… don’t forget the accent and voila! You’ve got Marge Gunderson, don’tcha know?

2. Bison player
Dressing up as Fargo’s hometown heroes is always a safe way to go with this years costume. So, why not add a bit of creativity to the generic idea to spice things up and make your Bison costume national title worthy? Perhaps, add a wardrobe malfunction to your costume or walk around with a petition page full of made up names. Finishing Sentence

3. Fargo Marathon Runner
Go ahead, bust out those short shorts, strap on that Fargo Marathon bag you got for walking the 5K and throw on a friend’s marathon shirt. Congratulations, everybody will think you ran the marathon. Now you just have to find someone to stretch you out…

4. A Sandbag
Want to get really creative with this years costume? Then give some credit to those helpful little buggers that kept the rive water from taking over this beautiful city. All it takes is a burlap sack stuffed with something bulky. Let the real fun being and make your Halloween night into a full blown sack race… might as well since you are already sporting a burlap sack.

5. Coach Bohl
Who wouldn’t want to be the head coach of a National winning Football team… even if it is only for one night. Here’s your Coach Bohl costume checklist; head to toe green and gold attire, a bald cap, a posse of players and a serious game face. Go team go!

Top 5 haunted farms

1. Extreme Scream
Find a heart pumping, skin crawling, and hair raising corn trail, castle, cave, graveyard, wood trail, and barn maze all in one place. These haunted spots will keep everyone shaking in their boots in fear of what might jump out around the next corner. Get your scream on every Friday and Saturday night, starting October 5th at 7 p.m. Just a forewarning, you will be lucky to walk away with a voice after the spooks and surprises they have in store for those who dare to enter.
Five miles east of Moorhead on Hwy. 10

2. Haunted Farm
This is not like when you would visit the farm as a young buck. There are not any sweet baby lambs or calves prancing around. The things that crawl around the Haunted Farm are most likely to torment your dreams and leave you jumping with every slight noise. Muster up the courage to take the 45 minute tour which will lead you through 15 different terrifying places, including a stroll through eerie woods and an unearthly asylum. To those men who think this would make for a great date to show off how brave you are, you may want to rethink that idea. The Haunted Farm is much scarier then you might think can’t say we didn’t warn you.
10 miles south of Moorhead on Hwy. 75

3. Acres of Terror
Take a journey to Leonard, ND to immerse yourself in a terrifying tour guide through the Acres of Terror and the abandoned Leonard School House. Experience the thrills and spooks of this tour while being guided by the reckless ZiggyD Wolf, who might literally let your safety take that backseat. Join him for this frightful tour but beware… once you enter, there is no turning back.
108 North Dakota 18 Leonard, ND

4. Haunted Corn Maze
What’s great about the Haunted Corn Maze is that everyone can enjoy it. Want to go for a nice stroll through a corn maze with your family? Check out the corn maze every Saturday and Sunday during the day from 1 to 5 p.m. Want to be scared half to death in a cornfield? Even better, then head down there and check it out every Saturday and Sunday or the last two Thursdays of October.
12747 3RD St. S, Moorhead, MN

5 Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch
Here is a place with a little less “BOO” and a little more fun for everyone. Get the family together and check out the horse drawn wagon rides, animal barn, “Lil’ Monster’s” game area, straw maze and much more. Take time to venture through the pumpkin patch to pick out that perfect pumpkin. Hanging out at the pumpkin patch is the perfect way to spend a chilly, fall weekend.
14447 Hwy. 10 Glyndon, MN

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