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The Flowers


Shotwell says the best thing a couple can do right away is research. Check out sites like Pinterest and determine what you do and do not like. If something piques your interest, the florist can help make it a reality.

Bring Pictures

Bring shots of the venue and the wedding gown, which will give the florist a look into your big day and will pave the way for your floral arrangements. A vintage dress and a rustic venue may call for a hand-gathered bouquet, while other looks may call for more streamlined florals.

Rent to Save

If you’re on a budget, renting containers, vases, banners or an arbor may be the way to go. Shotwell says it’s a great option for couples because they are able to use beautiful decorations for their wedding day and simply to return them afterward. Another tactic is to use florals on a portion of your reception tables and supplement the others with small decorations.

Personalize Your Day

Shotwell says couples are personalizing their weddings more and more. In the past, brides and grooms may have simply picked colors they liked and a couple of flowers and that was that. With so many options today, you can make your wedding day totally yours, letting your flowers and decorations represent the both of you.

Trust Your Florist

Be open-minded to their suggestions, because they have a plethora of knowledge. They are going to know what will and will not work and will probably have some great ideas. Shotwell mentioned if a problem arises, such as with a particular crop, they have the resources to supplement the flower.

Keep Seasonal Flowers in Mind

Off-season flowers may stretch your budget significantly, so check out what flowers will be in season during your wedding. If your heart is set on specific flowers, Shotwell Floral will work with you to ship them in or supplement them with something similar.

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Written by Lisa Marchand

Lisa is a writer for Fargo Monthly magazine.

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