Fargo Monthly Magazine


February 2017:

We dove into a few of these popular sectors of the technology industry that are being developed locally and making an impact all over the nation–not just for businesses, but for people just like you, too. Also in this issue: tech resources, Daran’s Southern Soul Food & West Indian Cuisine, Local Artist Profile: Punchgut

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Fargo Monthly Issue January 2017

January 2017:

With so much motivation to improve ourselves with the change of a calendar year, it’s no surprise that many people have similar New Year’s resolutions. So, we took some of the more common types of resolutions and gave some local suggestions for making them happen in 2017. While these pages might not cover every single option out there, it’s a pretty hefty load of information to help you get started on your goals for the new year. Good luck, and remember not to give up after January. Also in this issue: Escape Jr., Square One Kitchens, Frostival 2017 Event Preview.