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MSUM Planetarium
MSUM Planetarium


Feb 23 2019


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Solar System Explorers – Astro Adventurer

Astro Adventurers Session (Public)

Bring your friends and family grab your space passport and adventure with us to the far-off reaches of our Solar System. Visit each planet and get a planet sticker for your passport. Fill in all the planets and you become an official Solar System Explorer! Each month will feature different planets to visit but we will also take a look at what is up in our sky for that month.

Tour 1 – Keep your feet firmly on the ground to start. Every explorer needs to start somewhere and sometimes it is good to take things a little easy at first. Let’s look at what we can see from our own planet Earth. We’ll check out the Sun the Moon and the constellations too. Don’t worry we will get to test out our shuttle on a visit to the Moon!

Tour 2 – And we’re off! Let’s go visit the ROCKY planets in our Solar System starting with the planet closest to our star Mercury! We will also tour Venus stop and take a look at our own Earth and end up on Mars!

Tour 3 – Up next the GAS GIANTS! Let’s see just what is so special about the largest planets in our Solar System! Why do they look the way they do? What are they made of? We will visit Jupiter Saturn Uranus &amp Neptune.

Tour 4 – Last but not least we have the DWARF Planets! Pluto is one of the most well known of the dwarf planets in our Solar System but there are several more! We can also check out the asteroid belt and some of the more interesting moons around other planets.

If you have successfully completed THREE OF FOUR TOURS you will be awarded the Solar System Explorer Certificate and badge.

Congratulations! You are now officially a Solar System Explorer!

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