19oct7:30 pmNerd Night: Halloween Edition

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Use of “Unobtainiums” in Science Fiction Storytelling

Any work of Science Fiction worthy of the name will employ something that requires the consumer to take a leap of faith. Whether an alien technology or an as yet undiscovered super-material, bending the rules of the known universe is essential to transporting the audience to another world. Novelist Z.E. Duval walks us through the concept, some history, as well as a practical exercise on how such ideas can inform the entire basis for a work of Sci/Fi.

Fusion Power Now Only 5 Years Away (Perpetually)

For the last 50 years, physicists have said fusion power is forty years out given adequate funding. But physicists aren’t the only people playing this game. In this talk, I will describe 7 different hot fusion projects underway right now, where they are in development, when they aim to finish and what kind on reactor would result from each. Two of the projects are main stream (ie funded well by the US gov or many gov’s) the other five are smaller but more interesting and or likely to work.

The Ins and Outs of Intellectual Property (or How to Please a Woman the Nerd Way)


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(Monday) 7:30 pm


Fargo Billiards & Gastropub

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