40 Things To Eat, Drink And Experience In Downtown Fargo

by on Sep 10, 2015

By Erica Rapp & Andrew Jason | Photos by Andrew Jason & Paul Flessland

From the hidden (community gardens) to the obvious (the HoDo has delicious food, duh), Downtown Fargo has something for everyone. We hit the streets to find what you should know about the most eclectic area of town. Meet the downtown diehards who work, play and live downtown and see if you can find all 40 of the things we recommend experiencing.

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1. Super Fresh Coffee

Located in Roberts Alley is a quaint coffee shop called Stumbeano’s Coffee Bar, where the owner, Greg Stumbo, roasts his own beans and makes all of the syrups in-house.

210 Broadway N, Fargo

stumbeanos coffee bag

2. The Ford Building Turns 100

In 1915, the Ford Motor Company constructed its 25th branch house in our city. Until 1956, the building served primarily as a Ford distribution center with a showroom area in what is currently the entrance. 100 years later, the building still stands on Broadway in Downtown Fargo, housing several local businesses and residential lofts.

505 Broadway N, Fargo

Ford building

3. Beer Run

Look for a fun run and a little carb loading? Fargo Running Company offers a group run on Tuesday nights that starts and ends at Fargo Brewing Company. Those who are of age can enjoy a fresh, refreshing pint afterward.

610 University Dr. N, Fargo 

Stone's Throw cans from Fargo Brewing Company

4. Place for Thought

Whether it’s prayer, meditation or thought, the meaning of the Roberts Street Chapel is solely up to the visitors. It is a community space where participants can spend a few moments alone for whatever reason, and have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful artwork by local artist Marjorie Schlossman.

Open Monday-Thursday from 1 – 4 p.m. Times subject to change; look for the open sign.
333 Roberts St. N, Fargo

Roberts street chapel art

5. A New Co-Working Space

With an individual membership, you can become part of the Prairie Den. Great flexibility and limitless, 24/7 access allows you to work when it’s best for you and your colleagues. Plus you have the option for lockable storage. Various memberships are offered for different types of individuals and organizations, and guest passes are also available with membership.

122 1/2 Broadway N, Fargo

People at the Prairie Den

6. Our Oldest Park

Island Park is Fargo’s oldest park, and was part of the original townsite of Fargo plotted out by the arrival of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Located in Downtown Fargo south of Main Avenue, it’s got plenty of activities for all to enjoy including playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor amphitheater seating, a swimming pool, bike paths and more. fargoparks.com

302 7th St. S, Fargo

Old map of Island Park

7. Free Veggies

There’s a small area off of Roberts Street called Ole Tangen Park, also known as Triangle Park, and it grows various vegetables that are free to the public. We found a lot of tomatoes, small onions and some sort of leafy green, but there’s a good chance you might get lucky and find something different.

10 Roberts St. N, Fargo

triangle park in downtown fargo

8. Fargo Marshmallows

Fargo-Moorhead and North Dakota in general are significant contributors to the honey industry. That’s why the co- founder of Wondermade, a marshmallow company, has crafted a specialty marshmallow called “Fargo Buzz” that’s made with real North Dakota honey. You can currently find the marshmallows at Unglued Market.

408 Broadway N, Fargo

wondermade marshmallows fargo buzz

9. Laugh Out Loud

Head over to the Red Raven Espresso Parlor on Tuesday nights for open mic comedy. It’s all ages, there’s no cover and you’re guaranteed to have some laughs. Signup is at 8:30 p.m. for those interested in performing, and the laughs ensue from 9-11 p.m.

915 Main Ave, Fargo

Photo of inside the Red Raven Espresso Bar

10. Mixology Labs

Your Sundays just got a lot better. Every Sunday from Labor Day to Memorial Day at 7 p.m. at the Boiler Room, you can participate in a mixology lab to learn about different spirits and even try your own hand at creating one yourself. Two area award-winning mixologists host the class of 12, and registration includes four hand-crafted cocktails plus appetizers for $30.

210 Broadway N, Fargo 

mixologists at boiler room

11. Ultimate Gaming Destination

Section9 Cyber Cafe has everything you need when it comes to LAN, gaming and computer services. Maybe you’re into Xbox, or maybe you’re feeling nostalgic and want to play your friends in MarioKart. The cafe has one of each modern system and nearly one of each legacy system. They’ve also got 15 computers and hold various gaming tournaments.

14 Roberts St. N, Fargo

section 9 cyber cafe

12. Coffee On Tap

At 20 Below Coffee, you can get a delicious cold brew on their nitrous tap unlike any other in town. Not only that, you can take home a howler full of it to enjoy an iced coffee whenever you’d like. Howlers are $9 to buy and $6 to refill.

14 Roberts St. N, Fargo

20 below coffee growler

13. History of the Old Broadway

Alex Stern & Co. was a clothing company born in 1881 that had a few homes destroyed by fires before it made its way into the second Edwards Building in 1903, where it remained for 51 years. Today, the Edwards Building is home to the Old Broadway, with the original brick and tin ceilings. It opened in 1975 and has since been expanded to 11,000 square feet. The OB Sports Zone used to be occupied by the Northern States Power Company around 1910, when they were the city’s steam providers. theoldbroadway.com

22 Broadway N, Fargo

old broadway sign

14. Legal Art Wall

Calling all local artists and graffiti wizards! In an alley behind the Fargo Forum building is a legal art wall that’s open for the public to paint on. Check out some of the unique pieces or create your own before it fills up.

101 5th St. N, Fargo

legal art wall forum building

15. Free Donut with Lunch

That’s right. If you get a lunch combo from Sandy’s Donuts, you get a free donut to go with it. Sandy’s serves up great cold and grilled sandwiches, along with hot soup and burgers. Not only do you get a tasty meal but a delicious treat to go with it.

300 Broadway N, Fargo

Sandys donuts

16. 165 Acres in the Renaissance Zone of Downtown Fargo

(Roughly University Drive to the Red River, 7th Avenue North to 8th Avenue South)


17. Exclusive Bison Tees

Get your hands on some Bison wear that you won’t find anywhere else in town. These shirts were custom- designed by the owners of Red Silo Studio and are perfect for football season.

12 Broadway N, Fargo

bison tshirt

18. Chicken Art

At the NoBull Country Club, there’s a table that folds up after 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays to become a dance floor. Right above it is the DJ booth, also known as the “chicken coop”, and it actually has a parts of a real chicken coop constructed into it. You’ll be able to get a glimpse if you can see high enough over the giant rooster that was painted by local artist, Rando.

609 NP Ave, Fargo

chicken painted by rando at nobull

19. Free Book Reading

Every second Saturday of the month, local boutiques Pastiche and Others host a book reading for small children where they give away a copy of the books that are read. It’s a great event that encourages reading in young children and is open to anyone.

18 8th St. S, Fargo

The wall art in Others boutique in Fargo.

20. Fresh Food

We all wish downtown had a grocery store, but if you’re looking to get some quick fixings for a fresh sandwich, you’re in luck. Scratch Sandwich & Deli Co. sells slices of deli meat and cheese, along with $7 bread loaves and fresh salads by the pound.

68 Broadway N, Fargo

deli and cheese counter at scratch

21. Swag For Your Dog

If your pooch is just as active as you, check out Outermost Layer’s selection of specialty dog brands such as such as Ruffwear, Dog is Good and Aussie Dog. They’ve got everything from collapsible water dishes and leashes to cooling vests and harnesses. If you’re set to go running or hiking, your dog can be, too.

518 Broadway N, Fargo

dog merchandise at outermost layer

22. Free Downtown Transportation

LinkFM is a fun, fast and free MATBUS route that connects the downtowns of Fargo and Moorhead. It arrives every 12 to 15 minutes at each stop, and it will keep moving to the next one if nobody is at a particular stop. It’s a great way to avoid traffic and parking tickets for those who work downtown or just like to visit.

Operates from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday – Friday and 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday

link fm bus in downtown fargo

23. Essential Oils

Visit One World for a vast selection of hand-poured essential oils that will leave you smelling fantastic.

614 Main Ave, Fargo

One World handmade oils

24. Custom Jewelry and Classes

At Beads On Broadway, you can schedule your own classes on-demand and learn anything you’d like to know about creating your own jewelry pieces. The shop also does plenty of custom pieces, especially for weddings and Bison fans.

114 Broadway N, Fargo (Lower Level of the Black Building)

custom classes at beads on broadway

25. Crafty Cards

Zandbroz Variety has been in Downtown Fargo for 25 years, and they’ve always had the most clever card selection. You’ll find cards from regional and local companies for everything from weddings and birthdays to a simple “thank you” in the best way possible.

420 Broadway N, Fargo

Zandbroz cards

26. That Famous Rooter's Root Beer

Did you know the famous root beer drink at Rooter’s is not made with actual root beer? That’s right. It’s a mixture of Vodka, Galliano and Cola.

107 Broadway N, Fargo

rooters root beer

27. Roughly 68 Acres Downtown are Underutilized

This number relates to city blocks that are included in the Renaissance Zone. There are 49 blocks that were identified as being appropriate for Renaissance Zone Projects and those blocks encompass a total of about 165 acres. Sixty-eight acres of that is property that is vacant, surface parking or underutilized in some manner.

28. Handmade Sweets

Barbara Onsurez, co-owner of Babb’s Coffee House, comes up with her own recipes and makes the desserts at the coffee house completely from scratch. If you’re looking for some delicious baked goods, especially cheesecake, then this is your destination.

604 Main Ave, Fargo

.desserts from Babb's coffee house

29. Antique Upholstering

McNeal & Friends carries a brand called Lee Industries that acquires beautiful antique rugs and upholsters them into things like rugs, ottomans, pillows and more.

506 Broadway N, Fargo 

ottomans from mcneal and friends

30. Margaritas For a Steal

We don’t joke around about awesome drinks. Vinyl Taco offers $2 margaritas on Friday and Saturday nights from 9 p.m. to close. Pair that with a crispy fish taco and you’re set for a great night.

520 1st Ave. N, Fargo

vinyl taco margarita

31. Beer + Coffee

Drekker Brewing Company has partnered with local coffee brewers to create a Roastmaster Series. So far they’ve collaborated with 20 Below Coffee and a few other regional roasters to create a carmely, subtle beer with their light roast coffee.

630 1st Ave. N, Fargo

drekker brewing company beer

32. Exclusive Handmade Clothing

It’s pretty much guaranteed that you won’t find anything like the clothing at Art Bazaar in the Black Building. That’s because it’s all one-of-a-kind and handmade by Laura Concetta, who is known as a weavable art fashion designer. On top of creating beautiful clothing, she also constructs some pretty unique lamp shades and much more.

118 Broadway N, Fargo

Art Bazaar handmade clothing

33. Cut Your Own Soap

For $1.50 an ounce, you can take the reigns on your own bar of fresh soap from the Zum Bar brand at Elouise Boutique. Take home a lot or a little; you’ll be smelling fresh no matter what.

14 8th St. S, Fargo

bars of soap at elouise boutique

34. Grey Goose On Tap

Everybody knows Mezzaluna for its delicious food, but it is also one of only three places in the country that has Grey Goose vodka on tap. It works just like a keg system for beer. They have a machine downstairs that hooks up to Grey Goose and the vodka comes out ice cold, every time.

309 Roberts St, Fargo

Mezzaluna grey goose tap

35. Skywalk Exercise

During business hours, take a break and get a nice walk in. Every when it’s chilly out, you still have the option for indoor exercise without the gym fees. We walked from Broadway to the Civic Center in the skyway and calculated that it’s roughly 1/4 of a mile.

Downtown Fargo skywalk

36. Midnight Brunch

It’s safe to say that most people enjoy a good late-night meal every now and then. Did you know that you can enjoy a decadent midnight brunch right here in downtown? The Radisson’s lobby bar serves up a variety of breakfast and dinner foods for a tasty late-night meal. It’s $13 plus tax, goes from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. and no reservations are required.

201 5th St. N, Fargo

Radisson midnight brunch

37. Group Bike Rides

Tom Smith (pictured) and the Great Northern Bicycle hosts numerous group bike rides throughout the week, and they’re all free. There’s everything from family and fitness rides to night rides, off-road rides and more.

425 Broadway N, Fargo


38. A Boot of Beer

Get your friends together and enjoy a fresh brew in a boot from Würst Bier Hall. Not a real boot, of course, it’s just a giant glass that’s shaped like one. And don’t forget, there are special rules when it comes to drinking out of the boot.

630 1st Ave. N, Fargo

wurst beer hall rules

39. Red River Reppin'

Did you know that the bar in the HoDo Lounge and the rockbed on the rooftop are meant to be the same shape as the Red River? Now you do.

101 Broadway N, Fargo 

bar top at the Hodo lounge

40. Gourmet Pizza Deals

Getting a fantastic pizza at at a discount is always a great feeling. At the Toasted Frog, their pizzas are half off every night after 10 p.m.

305 Broadway N, Fargo

Toasted Frog pizza

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