Punchgut: A Local Artist Within The Shadows Of Satire

by Ethan Mickelsonon Feb 3, 2017
With his use of various mediums and styles such as minimalism, dark overtones and eye-addicting swirls of nightmarish detail, Punchgut has made a popular mark on the growing urban art scene and displays a wholesome appreciation for his following and the local art community.

New In Fargo 2016

New Businesses In Fargo-Moorhead You Need To Check Out

by Fargo Monthlyon Dec 12, 2016
As Fargo-Moorhead grows, so does the list of businesses. We set out to find some of the coolest new businesses in town. Here's what we dug up!

Chris Janson Shooting Star Casino


Upcoming Shows: FMCT Celebrates 70th Anniversary Season

by Ethan Mickelsonon Dec 8, 2016
As the longest running community theatre organization in the Red River Valley region, the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre (FMCT) is the embodiment of community, offering a wide range of theatrical experiences and educational opportunities. Founded by and for the people with no use of capital funds, the inaugural members of FMCT were pioneers of theatre in the area.

Peter Pan NDSU Theatre

NDSU Theatre Arts Presents: “Peter Pan”

by Erica Rappon Oct 18, 2016
Faith, trust, a little bit of pixie dust and a whole lot of teamwork is helping North Dakota State University’s theatre department put on their musical production of Sir J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan.” To get you, your friends and your families excited, we got an inside look at this timeless tale from director Jess Jung, set designer Tiffany Fier and costumer designer Rooth Varland.

Fargo Monthly 2017

Downtown Fargo - Things To Love

13 Things To Love About Downtown Fargo Right Now

by Erica Rappon Aug 9, 2016
Some might say they view Downtown Fargo as the “community’s front porch,” because it’s where people want to be. It’s where people bring out-of-town visitors. It’s where an incredible amount of growth and development is happening. It’s something unique to show off about this great city. Downtown Fargo is going through some exciting changes and a revitalization that makes it a model for the rest of the city, so we did some digging into a few of the many reasons why you should love it.

ChalkFest - August 11 - The Arts Partnership

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On ChalkFest 2016

by Erica Rappon Jul 28, 2016
We sat down with Dayna Del Val, Executive Director of The Arts Partnership, to get the details on this fun, free public event for the arts. ChalkFest encourages people of all sorts to come to the Red River Zoo and participate in a day’s worth of chalk drawing and other various activities, and here’s a few awesome reasons why you should attend.

Ramada Plaza Fargo Chef Gala

The Great American Trailer Park Musical - Cody Gerszewski, Ellery Lystad, Abby Immer, Lynette Burgan, Kathryn Hanson, Kate Aarness, Karsten Pudwill

Experience Blur Creates Theatre For A Modern Audience

by Andrew Jasonon Jun 28, 2016
Ryan Domres and the cast and crew of Experience Blur are shaking things up in the theatre world of Fargo-Moorhead. Experience Blur is an ambitious theatre company that Artistic Director Ryan Domres says is trying “to create theatre for a modern audience and show them what theatre can be, instead of what theatre is.”

New In Town 2016 - Features Photo

Check Out A Few New Businesses In Fargo-Moorhead

by Erica Rappon Jun 13, 2016
Leave it to Fargo-Moorhead to be a constant breeding ground for new businesses. From restaurants to boutiques, we caught up with six establishments that have recently opened their doors to our beloved community.

The Art Issue Kelli Nelson

The Art Issue: From Convas To Clay

by Tracy Nicholsonon Jun 6, 2016
The intrigue of art has long served as a depiction of ancient civilizations, pop culture, romance, despair, happiness and even mystery. Colors, textures and technique use their powers to stir emotions and create feelings we hold near and dear. From glass and metal to canvas and clay, art is admired in the gallery, but truly inspired in the home. Meet four local artists who are making waves in the art community and creating stunning work that deserves a place in your home.

Fargo artist M. Koskela and wife Sophia Koskela at Parallel Galleries

Local Artist Profile: The Creative Soul Of M. Koskela

by Erica Rappon May 11, 2016
Growing up with a mother as an artist and a father and brother as a woodcarvers, it comes as no surprise to learn that M. Koskela has been creating art since being able to pick up a pencil. Coming from a family of artists and creators, it’s safe to say that this local artist's love and passion for the arts will never leave.