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Discover Fargo-Moorhead With Lance Morlock

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As the Fargo-Moorhead continues to grow at an astonishing rate of a dozen residents a day, our identity is being shaped by the nearly 230,000 citizens. We went to you, the people who are molding and shaping our culture, to ask you about what makes our community special.

We sat down with Lance Morlock, a senior at Moorhead High School, to talk about his favorite things to do in the Fargo-Moorhead community.

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A little about Lance…

My name is Lance Morlock and I’m a senior at Moorhead High School. I have been participating in local theatre since I was young and am very grateful for how many outstanding theatre programs we have in the area. During the school year, I also compete on the Moorhead Speech Team. I am my school’s Key Club and Garden Club President and love getting to help out the community in these clubs.

Favorite things to do during free time…

In Downtown Fargo, there are many bike rental stations. One of my favorite things to do is call a couple of friends and spend an afternoon biking around and discovering new places in our community I hadn’t yet seen before.

I really love attending special movie showings at the Fargo Theatre. My absolute favorite is the October Rocky Horror Picture Showing. My friends and I get out our costumes and have a night of fun.

I also love antique shopping. Throughout the years, I have discovered many different antique shops. My absolute favorite is FM Antiques and Repurposed Market. They have two locations, one in Fargo and one located in the Moorhead Center Mall. The stores are filled with interesting antiques, at very affordable prices.

Favorite hidden things to do in Fargo-Moorhead…

In Downtown Fargo, there is a wall that is open for artists to make their mark. It’s a colorful representation of our community and the talent within it.

Although they aren’t very hidden, escape rooms within our community are so fun. There are a few different locations that are always changing and offering new challenges. I love getting some friends together and spending an hour with them problem-solving and trying to work our way out of a locked room.

One fun thing to know about lance…

I was lucky enough to grow up in a community that valued my passions. At a young age, I fell in love with the arts and it has been exciting over the years to see the community support local art and help our programs to flourish.
Morlock in front of the graffiti wall behind the Forum building. This wall is open to anyone from around the community to create their own artwork.

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*This article originally appeared in Fargo By Fargo

Written by Andrew Jason

Andrew Jason is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media. He oversees the production and the wonderful team behind Fargo Monthly, Fargo INC!, Bison Illustrated and Design and Living magazines. In his free time, he enjoys running marathons and pretending he's a much better piano player than he actually is.

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