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Discover Fargo-Moorhead With Ashley Kunz

Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography

As the Fargo-Moorhead continues to grow at an astonishing rate of a dozen residents a day, our identity is being shaped by the nearly 230,000 citizens. We went to you, the people who are molding and shaping our culture, to ask you about what makes our community special.

We sat down with Ashley Kunz, who is self-employed as an Abstract Painter and has lived in Fargo for 32 years, to talk about her favorite things to do in the Fargo-Moorhead community.

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A little about Ashley…

I am passionate about art in all forms and try to support local art whenever I can by attending gallery receptions, going to plays and checking out local bands. My family and friends are also very important to me and I enjoy spending time with the people I love. In my free time, I enjoy shopping, painting, reading and singing karaoke in my basement.

Favorite hidden things to do in Fargo-Moorhead…

One of my favorite things to do is to walk down Appletree Lane in Moorhead in the spring when the crab apple trees are in bloom. For a few days in May, that street looks like it came out of a fairy tale.

I also love walking around Downtown Fargo to see all the little pieces of hidden art. From the small murals on the sidewalk to the painted dumpsters, there is an immeasurable amount of passion put into those tiny details.

We have an extremely active arts scene in Fargo-Moorhead. There are several free or low-cost public events almost every week at places like the Plains Art Museum, APT, A Creative Incubator, Unglued or Make Room. Most opening receptions at galleries are free and open to the public as well.

Favorite things to do during free time…

I love going to Downtown Fargo to shop. There are so many unique shops where I can find handmade gifts, clothing, local art, fresh, local produce and more. I am passionate about shopping local so downtown is usually a good choice. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends listening to live music or going to a play.

One thing Ashley believes…

I’m proud to call Fargo-Moorhead my home. Our city is growing and changing and we should embrace the positive changes and work together to fix the things we aren’t happy with. I believe we have an opportunity every day to make an impact and I strive to spread positivity and try to help others when I am able.

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*This article originally appeared in Fargo By Fargo

Written by Andrew Jason

Andrew Jason is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media. He oversees the production and the wonderful team behind Fargo Monthly, Fargo INC!, Bison Illustrated and Design and Living magazines. In his free time, he enjoys running marathons and pretending he's a much better piano player than he actually is.

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