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Date Night: The Adventurous Date

Photos By Hillary Ehlen, J. Alan Paul Photography

Interested in trying something new with your partner? Want to step outside the box and get a little adventurous with your date nights? Taking risks and being adventurous is part of our make up. While some people are more adventurous than others, there is no reason to not sprinkle something new into the same old dinner date. Are you and your partner dinner and movie people? Maybe try dinner and ax-throwing next time. While that may sound weird on a surface level, the experience would be a great way for a couple to explore new things Fargo-Moorhead has to offer. So why not try something outside the box today?

Become A Ninja

Everyone strives to be fit and you may even enjoy working out with your significant other at one of the area’s many local fitness facilities. However, you can’t necessarily call Monday, International Chest Day, a real date. While bench pressing and deadlifting with your partner is fun, we advise you to explore a different kind of fitness. This brand does not require you to rack your weights when you’re done either. Conquer Ninja in Fargo is perfect for those fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an endurance and agility challenge. They offer forth “ninja” style obstacle courses similar to the famous “Ninja Warrior” television series. Not only will this obstacle course be a challenge, but it is a fun way to compete against your partner. Nothing says “great date” quite like an obstacle course.

Conquer Ninja: 3207 Main Ave Suite A, Fargo.

Throw An Ax (Literally)

You don’t have to know how to use an ax to be able to throw it a target. That is what makes Triple Ax such a fun and different date for you and your partner. The only venue like it in Fargo-Moorhead, Triple Ax, will pit you and your partner against one another to see how is the best ax marksperson. Targets are set up a specific distance away and all you have to do is aim and throw. Be advised, it is not as easy as it looks and it may take you some time to get the hang of throwing an ax (unless you are a lumberjack, of course). Triple Ax even offers ax-throwing leagues if you and your partner become expert throwers

Triple Ax: 5229 51st Ave S, Fargo.

Brave The Snow

When the cold weather hits, most of us hole up in our homes and find a nice blanket to curl up with to keep warm. While there is no shame in that option, why not challenge the winter for your next date? Snowshoeing is a great way to stay in shape during the winter while also enjoying the chillier weather if you’re into that sort of thing. With the copious amounts of snow Fargo accumulates over the course of the winter, it makes the local parks a perfect place to snowshoe and explore. The Edgewood Chalet (operated by Fargo Parks District) has snowshoe routes and trails as well as snowshoe rentals during the winter season. Obviously, make sure to dress warmly too!

Edgewood Chalet: 19 Golf Course Avenue N, Fargo.

Hit The Links

Golf is obviously not in season during the winter months, so how can one get in the golfing mood when the courses are not open? There are several indoor golfing venues that give the impression of actually being on the links. Golf Addiction has five PGA Tour Simulators which allow you to play a host of courses from around the country. It also accurately projects how far and how accurate you’re hitting the ball. Don’t worry, if you shank one into the rough, Golf Addictions does have a full bar for you to forget about those duffers.

Golf Addiction: 4474 23rd Ave S, Fargo

Escape Reality

If you and your partner are into gaming or are looking for something different for a date, Section Nine, a cyber cafe in Fargo offers a host of virtual reality experiences. Powered by Gravity Gaming, virtual reality gaming is gaining popularity across the gaming community. Section Nine has co-op stations so you and your significant other can play together. Section Nine also has a variety of gaming to partake in outside of virtual reality.

Section Nine: 1142 17th St N Suite A, Fargo

Written by Brady Drake

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