How To Travel The World Without Leaving Fargo

by on Aug 11, 2017

Photos by Paul Flessland

Warm greetings from the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” Rwanda.

“If I was financially ‘super confident,’ I would travel the entire world!”

How many times have you heard someone say that? Have you thought of being a globetrotter but were fiscally timid? I know this is often my case, but what if I told you that you could travel the globe without leaving the premises of the Red River Valley? Impossible, right? Well, let me attempt to convince you otherwise by showing you how there are multiple ways of “traveling” worldwide within our very own “North of Normal” community until you have fully built your “financial confidence.”


You know what they say: If you cannot travel the world, let the world come to you. We are natural story-telling beings, therefore meeting people from various corners of the world residing in the community is a great way to hear their story. During cultural festivals or presentations, ask questions about their traditions. It is a magnificent way of traveling and their tales will make you travel in time or space to wherever their life journey started. I have always enjoyed listening to folks’ stories and meeting new people at cultural centers like the Hjemkomst Center Museum and their annual Pangea cultural festival, or simply listening to the way Viking ships were built.

The Hjemkomst Center The Hjemkomst Center


Learning a new language is the best way to shift your cultural paradigm and have a different perspective on your own culture. Learning a new language is like linguistically putting a mirror in front of your mother tongue. You will not forget it. On the contrary, you will even understand better how other people say the same thing as you do, but with a different cultural lens. Volunteer by teaching English as a second language in the numerous public schools in the FM area, because by teaching, you learn even more about others’ perspectives by linguistically walking in their apprentice shoes. The exotic accents, the pronunciation of English words and the exposure to another language will make you realize the melodious benefits of listening to other languages.


Travel by discovering some intriguing and exotic smells of spices from around the world at different ethnic markets we have in town. You can also go to the international potlucks or visit local restaurants that serve food from all over the world. This has been one of my favorite ways to wander globally for an instance of a smell.

Fargo Halal Market Fargo Halal Market

Once it has caressed your olfactive sensors and you feel convinced, you will stimulate your taste buds and challenge your palate through culinary exploration when tasting new food from another tradition, region or country.

Everest Tikka House Everest Tikka House


Traditional attire is a great way to visualize the differences and similarities in customs when it comes to “dressing up” for special occasions. I am always fascinated by the vibrancy that traditional wear can bring to a room. Usually, there is a story behind every traditional cloth, so remember to always stay curious and even to be bold by asking where it came from because chances are, you can buy one for yourself in town.

Gee Gee's store at the International Market Plaza (IMP)

Gee Gee’s store at the International Market Plaza (IMP)

In conclusion, traveling can be done through our five human senses which do not require us to physically travel. Hence, by attempting these “bank account-friendly” tips, you will nurture the dormant globetrotter in you.

Now remember: You are one smell, taste, dance, attire, new language and conversation away from your next global journey. Until next time, Bon Voyage!