NDSU professor and entrepreneur champion Dr. David

Community Spotlight: Remembering Dr. David Wells

by Greg Tehvenon Jul 26, 2017
On his way out of life, NDSU professor and entrepreneur champion Dr. David Wells left us with 3 lessons we all need to learn.

Fargo Moorhead pet guide

Pawsome Pets: Frequently Asked Questions

by Erica Rappon Jul 12, 2017
Pet lovers and owners of all types, rejoice for our first ever pet-themed cover story. We know how important these special companions are to many. That's why we took readers' frequently asked questions to local shelters, veterinarians, trainers, groomers and more so that residents can be the best parents for their fur-ever friends and also help area animals in need.

Annie Wood

Community Spotlight: What If Downtown Fargo Had A Student Union?

by Annie Woodon Jun 29, 2017
Annie Wood asks the question: "What if we applied this model to coworking spaces–turning them into “student unions” for communities?"

Greg Tehven

Community Spotlight: Now Is The Time To Fail

by Greg Tehvenon Mar 28, 2017
At a time in our country's history where new challenge are emerging and our political climate is shifting, all of us must remember that failure is okay, and sometimes, even when we give it our best, it can be difficult to fail.

Made In Fargo Monthly

Green Card Voices

Green Card Voices Project Collects Immigration Stories Of Fargo Students

by Ethan Mickelsonon Mar 15, 2017
With a total of 31 immigrants from Fargo High schools featured, Minneapolis-based nonprofit Green Card Voices has collaborated with the community to curate unique stories from around the world.

Alexandre Cyusa Fargo

Community Spotlight: 5 Reasons Why I Stayed In Fargo After College

by Alexandre Cyusaon Feb 14, 2017
Answering why I chose to stay here in the FM area after I graduated in December 2014 is when it gets interesting. I find myself constantly explaining these reasons to friends and family living in different areas of the United States or even those overseas that can barely put Fargo on the map. This is why I have decided to share with you my top five reasons why I whole-heartedly decided to stay in this emerging “Silicon Prairie.”

fargo escape room for kids

Escape Jr. Beta Tests Fargo’s First Escape Room For Kids

by Ethan Mickelsonon Jan 11, 2017
Until recently, escape rooms have typically catered to adults, but Fargo's first escape room for kids has recently hit the scene and is now ready for booking. We got a look behind the scenes at Escape Jr.'s setting and storyline during their beta testing.

William Cope Moyers

Q&A: Nationally-Known Recovery Advocate, Author William Moyers To Speak At Fargo’s First Step Event

by Samantha Starkon Sep 27, 2016
Recovery advocate William C. Moyers will headline Fargo Recovery Month event sponsored by First Step Recovery, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center at 3201 Fiechtner Drive South in Fargo. Moyers, a “New York Times” best-selling author, will deliver a community keynote address at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow, Sept. 28, at the Avalon Events Center, 2525 9th Ave. S., Fargo. He’s an advocate for reducing the stigma of addiction and promotes embracing those around us working toward long-lasting recovery. He will speak on addiction in this timely event for the Fargo-Moorhead community. Tickets are available at for only $8.

NDSCS President John Richman

State Of The Universities: NDSCS President John Richman

by Erica Rappon Sep 22, 2016
Recent studies show that there is a workforce shortage in our community and that there will be roughly 30,000 more jobs 
created in the next five years. Even though a workforce shortage isn’t necessarily a bad problem to have, how can Fargo-Moorhead fill all these jobs? President of the North Dakota State College of Science John Richman states that the college’s mission is clear: to educate and train the workforce. This is especially important when it comes to NDSCS’s Fargo location and helping the local workforce issue.

President Peggy Kennedy - M State

State Of The Universities: M State President Peggy Kennedy

by Erica Rappon Sep 20, 2016
M State has been hitting the road hard in the last five years to offer their programs to everyone in ways that many might not realize. President Peggy Kennedy knows exactly what needs to be done for M State 
to fulfill the needs
 of the community and the region and give students the best experience possible, and they’re doing exactly that.