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10 Meetups In Fargo You Probably Never Knew About

by Samantha Starkon Feb 22, 2017
Are you looking for an outlet to explore your favorite hobby with others? Check out these 10 meetups some of you probably didn't know even existed in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Alexandre Cyusa Fargo

Community Spotlight: 5 Reasons Why I Stayed In Fargo After College

by Alexandre Cyusaon Feb 14, 2017
Answering why I chose to stay here in the FM area after I graduated in December 2014 is when it gets interesting. I find myself constantly explaining these reasons to friends and family living in different areas of the United States or even those overseas that can barely put Fargo on the map. This is why I have decided to share with you my top five reasons why I whole-heartedly decided to stay in this emerging “Silicon Prairie.”

Ramada Plaza Fargo Chef Gala

Greg Tehven

Community Spotlight: The Year Of Essential

by Greg Tehvenon Jan 16, 2017
Do you want to have a life focused on essential things? Do you want more time for those you love? Projects you want to start? Space to feel more alive? Here are a few ideas that might be able to guide your process.

North Of Normal

Embrace The Cold At The Second Annual Frostival

by Erica Rappon Jan 13, 2017
Since we can’t do anything about the weather conditions we’re handed, a collaboration of community organizations came up with a way to embrace the frost and beat the winter doldrums: Frostival. It’s back this month for year two and if you missed out last year, you definitely don’t want to make that two years in a row.

Fargo Monthly 2017

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A Fargo-Moorhead Kids’ Guide To Winter

by Fargo Monthlyon Jan 11, 2017
We know that kids, and even adults, can get a little stir crazy staying inside when it's so cold out. Well, it's time to grab the kids and explore the Fargo-Moorhead area. Check out this guide to burn off the extra winter energy!

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Escape Jr. Beta Tests Fargo’s First Escape Room For Kids

by Ethan Mickelsonon Jan 11, 2017
Until recently, escape rooms have typically catered to adults, but Fargo's first escape room for kids has recently hit the scene and is now ready for booking. We got a look behind the scenes at Escape Jr.'s setting and storyline during their beta testing.

Chris Janson Shooting Star Casino

New Years Eve Events

Fargo-Moorhead’s 2016 New Year’s Eve Celebration Guide

by Fargo Monthlyon Dec 26, 2016
Don't know where to celebrate the new year and watch the ball drop. Check out our guide to all things New Years in Fargo-Moorhead. 

Greg Tehven

Community Spotlight: What If Your Company Died Today?

by Greg Tehvenon Dec 23, 2016
One year ago, Emerging Prairie was in a tight spot. We were nervous about making payroll, as some of our assumptions didn’t hold true and we were crunched for cash. Upon learning about the situation, I initiated a spending freeze on all disposable decisions and the team was asked to look through all accounts receivable to figure out if we had any unclaimed cash. We also conducted an exercise that was extremely critical to help our organization understand its value proposition and think through how we could weather this challenging situation. We planned our funeral.

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A (FM) Christmas Story: A Lifetime As Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus

by Erica Rappon Dec 5, 2016
Although he’s never been a mall Santa, local resident Al Jastram has spread Christmas cheer in more ways than you can imagine over his 28 years of portraying good ol’ Kris Kringle. And over the last handful of years, he’s had the help of his wife Kay Jastram as Mrs. Claus and his longtime friend Jim Hagel as their elf.

Mitch Goldstein

Local Surgeon Builds 100 Percent Self-Sufficient Nonprofit, The JTG Foundation

by Andrew Jasonon Nov 22, 2016
Not settled with just giving to charities, Mitch Goldstein knew there had to be a better way of helping those in need. This surgeon by day, philanthropist by night is now working to build a nonprofit that is 100 percent self-sufficient. And he’s not just stopping in fargo. He has much larger ambitions.